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Hey there guys,

New to this and am hoping to gain some tips/pointers as i have recently purchased a 75series 97model tray back which has done 170xxxks.

The poor thing was used on the northern coast for a maritime company, It has done minimal work and was mostly an escort vehicle and was also used to launch/retrieve boats out the water.

A basic run down of the ol'75 is as follows- mechanically sounds and runs great, starts first time everytime. This had me feeling positive after knowing it had been sitting in a yard for 3 years. However I didn't want to get ahead of myself.
After getting the truck home i had a bit more of a look, (if i sound a bit naive about the 75 its cos paid 1500 bux for it and didn't have to much of a look over it before getting it home) the rear leaf springs were rusted and obviously need replacing, the brakes have no compression (keeping in mind that the brake fluid is empty and hoping this is the problem) battery needs replacing.
Other than what I've mentioned its really cosmetics. ****I Hope its only cosmetics****

Am i right in thinking that once all suspension is replaced and brakes fixed, is it just a matter of doing a main service e.g filters,oils,diff oils, transfer case etc and taking it for a decent drive to see if its going to fall apart.??? Excuse my ignorance but first cruiser and am just wanting to hear feedback from others who have been in a similar position or have some words of wisdom.

Thanks in advance!!



Id be having a closer look at the rear chassis, spring hangers, crossmembers, wheel studs and basically everthing under that truck for rust if its been used to launch boats and or around the beach/saltwater for most its life.. The rear brakes are probably seized if its been stitting for 3yrs in a yard after many dunks in saltwater. Rear Axle shafts and seals along with wheel bearings may also be in need of attention aswell.

15 hundy is cheap, if you discover more rust than first inspection the engine and boxes could be good as transplants into something with a shagged engine or similar that might be picked up cheap.


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Sounds good, and helpful thanks for that.
Like you have said if there is going to be rust its more likely going to be in the arse end. Ive gone underneath and given it a blast, which took a lot of crap build up off.
I feel like there should be more rust but I'm really struggling to find it. After giving the rear of the chassis a blast its really only minimal pitting on it. Which i think is good, i will note to self to have a look at bearings and axle shafts-seals. Or maybe phone an expert to come have a look at it as I'm pretty close to town. And they could probably tell me a bit more about all other running gear.
If rear brakes are seized is that a replacement job?? is so would you know roughly how much I'm looking to pay??

Cheers for the input mate.


Try brake fluid first to see if thats all thats needed otherwise you could likely sorce parts from a 4wd wrecker for a couple hundred bucks or full replacement new for a few hundy more id say.

My biggest concern would be the chassis rails rusting from the inside out due to saltwater drying inside and likely not being washed out. Maybe if you get someone to check it out for you maybe see if you can get some light in those rails using torches or head lamps to look for internal rust. Could look into getting some kill rust treatment into those rails to stop any that maybe in there and or lanolin spray them thoroughly which would also help.

Hope its all clear for ya and with minimal coin spent you can get the ol beast back on the road, their a good truck the 75 and with good maintenence can easily get over 750 thow out of the engines and drivelines.
Good luck.


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One of those bargains we cruiser lovers look for, I lost my last cruiser to the dreaded chassis rust, get under at night time with a torch you will see much better, like Brian said, check through all the holes, if any dirt in there blast it all out and unblock all the little drain holes that are right along the bottom of the chassis.
A little rust can be halted or slowed down with the right treatment, I drove mine till I could see daylight through the holes.
New brakes all round are fairly cheap for the old cruisers and make driving much more pleasant/safe.
Good luck with it all, if you decide you dont want it you know where to advertise it for sale lol