Show us your old BT50/Ranger

2011 PK
16 x 7 dynamics
BFG ATKO2's (6 off)
3" exhaust
Sorted snorkel
Sound deadening in interior
All holes in floor, firewall and rear panel sealed watertight
Engel 40 on tilt slide
ARK pack with 105AH DC
Century Marine Hybrid (DC and CCA) main battery
CrispMod MAF jumper
Side LED work lights at rear of cab
ACC canopy
Tigerz11 2 x 2.1 awning
Oricom 80ch and 1200mm GME ant
TJM shocks
Ironman Load Plus helpers
Bushskinz bashplates
2000kg hilift under tray
2 x 20l Jerry holders in tray
Lightforce 170 Strikers (lense colours change often)
DBA T3 front rotors
Coming soon (hopefully):
4 x Drawers mounted in tray
Water tank under tray
Roof flat rack
Bigger awning (move existing to LHS)
Light bar over roof
Long range fuel tank
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Very nice rigs guys!! Do you all still on them? If so are they still going strong? I’ve still got mine now going into my 6th year. 196000km. Have added an Engel 60L fridge freezer combi, fridge slide, Engel battery box, solar blanket. Last trip was to Moreton Island again for a week with the wife and 3 kids awesome fun! What is the biggest trip you have done in you Bt59/ranger? Cheers all

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This may sound really dumb, however whats that borbly thing on top of uhf technology i have not seen before
Lol, edit,oh i see, tennis ball emoji,there i was thinking it was a xmas decoration....thats friggen hilarious,managed to zoom picture in and get a squiz,very funny.