Show Us Your Holden


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me hj in the stirling ranges wa. That green beast took me so many places and next week stumpy will follow my tracks to WA but he, like so many others feel the need for so much more vehicle and gear today. BWT: those rims/tyres (x5) will be up for sale next week ;) send a PM if interested.


muc the truck

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I have not been here for ages , I have been busy , sold my colroado , spending some of it on my Disco and the rest on my Holden Panel Van along with a lot more other money lol . So i took out the 308 and modified turbo 700. dry fit a ls3 hsv and tr6060 six speed , enlarged the tunnel made my own cross member . Removed the body . delivered it to panel shop . Stripped chassis carted it on my old colorado to sand blast it . epoxy primed , runed it down , primed it guide coated it , rubbed it down with 800. painted it my self , delivered it wraped in cloth on my colorado to start rebuilding it. Any thing shiny i have painted with ceracote mc-160 the worlds toughest clear coat . Brake upgrade , I have a hell of a lot of work to do . I had the largest molasses tank in my back yard to derust parts only to use it as lawn fertisier when i was done . awesome stuff , so cheap to get rid of rust



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Holden Panel Van
Should be a nice looking ride when you get it done. Brings back memories of my HQ windowless Panel Van I had back in the day. Had a few HQ`s over the years, a Statesman DeVille & a One Tonner as well. Regret selling them now.
Will have to dig up some pics of the Stato & Van.
A couple of pics of the Tonner. Warm 308, Yella Terra`s, Ported, 750 Holley, MSD ignition, Turbo 400, 3.08 LSD & about 2 grands worth of chrome. Built the motor myself & picked up a few trophies at the local drags with it.



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Desert Trip 607.jpg
I had an Rc Colorado for 6 years. We had many adventures with it. The Isuzu running gear was second to none.