show us your camp setups!!


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TBH, I reckon he probably would let me borrow it if I asked nicely... Dunno about his wife. 2 for 1 deal?

I'm in WA too so yeah I know what you mean.. Trying to shop for camping gear lately has been a bit of a nightmare!

i went down to tentworld to get a new jetboil ... queue of people out the freakin door!


I reckon once borders etc reopen in a year or two, there'll be a big glut in caravans etc, great to time to then buy...

i have an offroad compact stoney creek trailer with RTT. but i know what i want in my next upgrade to a 14-15ft hybrid but i'm going to wait like you said because a) there are no vans new or second hand for sale atm and b) next year or so everyone will be able to go back to bali so i'll be winning :)


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Just as the neighbour if you can borrow his van (might have more luck asking to borrow his wife but you never know...)

Ditto, i want to rent a van ... but there's a problem in WA now with renting or buying ... its one hell of a sellers market.
Things here are going insanely gangbusters, everything everywhere is busy ... tourism is wiped off its feet, people are paying top dollar for caravans, and people are on 6 month waiting lists at best to get one ... forget renting them in school hols. Likewise in school hols, almost all accomodation booked out a year in advance even in low seasons!!

Because the hard border, and no covid cases outside of quarantine since April, its BAU here ... people are "reclaiming" lifestyles and pushing hard to travel wihtin the state (can't leave, can't go OS) ... so absolute boom on recreational stuff.

I reckon once borders etc reopen in a year or two, there'll be a big glut in caravans etc, great to time to then buy...

My Neighbor recons he is going to sell his caravan as like you say they are going for insane prices now, he is then going to buy one later when everyone starts going overseas again and the prices drop.


as everyone has a different way of setting up there camp sites.
Post up a few pics and a brief comment on your setup weather it be tents, swags and tarps or camper trailers or even under the star's
this may give others some idears for there next weekend away :D

here is my setups
first one is of my basic overnight solo camp with my rv2
and the others are of my DIY camper trailer (still haven't got a real good pic of it) on a weekend away with friends
it has an out door dunny and a 4 burner bbq that pulls out the side
Nice setups mate!


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First time out with our new RV5 this weekend.. love it!



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Hi guy`s.
I had enough of the rooftop tent on the truck, so I built a trailer for it and the bikes and gear.
The tent was like having a air brake on the truck, I was doing 35-45lts per 100ks on lpg.
1, Airing down at Tom Groggins.
2, Reached Charlie`s Creek.
3, Setup.
4, 2 days later waking up to -12 a mite chilly.

Enjoy, Ian.


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