show us your camp setups!!


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this is mine, still a few things to sort, have fly screen enclosures for both side awnings now & am getting rid of the 4 burner stove as it just takes too long to cook anything on it, when the burners are set on high its like they are set on low & takes almost 20 mins to boil enough water for a coffee, i am going to get a Weber baby Q instead :)
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Our current set-ups..
First is for a few hours sleep on the side of the road or for when I camp from the boat on an island. (Blackwood all mesh hiker dome)
Second is when stopping for only a couple of nights. (Great Outdoors Drysdale canvas touring tent 3x3).
Third is for our 2 week stay at Exmouth each year ( Blackwolf Twin 240 lite and a Oztrail Max Shade 4.8)
Works for us!


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This thread is interesting in tht it shows all the different modus operandi's over the years!
These days I'm mostly in swags as love the simplicity / speed.
If it's just me, or the wife and I , or son and I for a single night , then a single queen swag.
If it's the son and I for a couple of nights, i'll give him his own Queen swag so we can get more sleep.
If its the son, wife, daughter and I then boys in one, girls in the other.
Mostly I try to avoid taking lots of cooking gear, other than camp oven or toasties on the fire, and running a 75L true dual zone fridge to cart it all.

I don't run a slide, cage, or bag - as I still want maximum tray space and always found myself disgruntled at how much space gets consumed with installation of such.


On much longer trips we deploy an RV5 with front room + two queen swags. Typically the girls and gear goes into the RV5, and the boys have a queen swag each. Lots of room for good nights sleep.

That said, the setup and take down of RV5 + front room setup and everything that goes with it, is a bit of a pain in the butt. Makes me yearn for a caravan. BUT, the rub is that 80% of my camping is to locations where you basically can't get to with a van (or i dont wnat to)... its only long trips where we base in a town. So, I don't know.

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I'v gone for the touring set up,cos we like to stay on the move,it's quick and eazy to set up and pack away and lunch on the go is too eazy. Also when we get to a great place,pretty much any where,if we like it we just pop the camp,and if need be ,we can be gone in about 20- 30 minutes;):cool:
We'v had this set up for years now and it's perfect for Mel and I :);)

Cheers Teza.
Since then I'v made some changes,I removed the rear seat and fitted a 50 ltr water tank and moved the fridge and ice box for eazy acsess and fitted a fox wing like awning.



Since then I'v made some changes,I removed the rear seat and fitted a 50 ltr water tank and moved the fridge and ice box for eazy acsess and fitted a fox wing like awning.
What exact awning is a Foxwing-like? I want a Foxwing but man they are pricey.


foxwing are very ............ok , have a look at the supapeg 270
Supapeg seems to now be SuperRV, the website times out constantly. I thought the $700 foxwing was pricey, but $1000 for the supapeg is miles beyond what I'd pay for an awning, but they seem to be out of stock anyway.