Show us ya catch

lars cordes

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off point cook port phillip bay, young blokes dog likes her squid fresh . we cant go fishing here in vic but we can post about it


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thats a ripper kingie, would have gone like a freight train id imagine.
Yep, I have caught 4 foot sharks off the beach that were easier to bring in, that day we caught about 8 King fish and a few good sharks.
The first big one on the hook felt like I was going to have me ripped in half and dragged over the edge of the boat, awesome fishing if you ever get a chance to get out to Lord Howe also a beautiful island, its just a shame you need to sell your soul to stay there....


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We get big kings in 130m off a wreck here in Brisbane. They fight the whole way up and then some. Hardest, longest fighting fish I’ve caught. They just don’t seem to get barotrauma and never give up, then swim away like nothing happened.