Show us ya catch

lars cordes

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John U

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looks sensational john u. were u on a charter out of weipa ? def on my bucket list to do before not too long ps are u on some most wanted poster somewhere, what with all the headless pics?
Hi Lars,
Was a 6 day charter out of Weipa. Wake up in the morning to a nicely prepared breakfast watching the fish bust up out in the Gulf.

I caught that GT at about 9am. Two of us were hooked up at the same time. Was quite the battle. Had to sit down and have frosty after that. If you get the opportunity do it.

No one needs to be put through dealing with my ugly head.

lars cordes

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kingfish off the pier at lady baron (flinders is) not the biggest but geez they go hard, prob best landbased fish ive caught
boys with some blue eye & a gem fish caught in 500m off the shelf off flinders is (bass strait), not real sport fishing dragging em in on a reef drum but bloody magnificient eating