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So after doing a bit of fishing over the X-mas/New year period and catching my first (and second) Brown Trout I realised there doesn't seem to be a thread to show off your catch so I thought one should be created! So here it is post up photos of your catch, Salt, Fresh or somewhere in between.

Below are my first 2 Brown Trout caught in a nice little stretch of the Murrumbidgee river not far from the Kiandra Gold fields, about an hour hike in and within 5 minutes of fishing my first brown was hooked.



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That down the airport end by any and the kids rode the lake the other month and sat watching them swimming while we were up on the pedestrian bridge
This was at Scrivener Dam.
I have caught Cod up at Molonglo Reach before but I would hazard a guess they were Carp you were seeing in the water, it is very rare that Cod are out in open water at all let alone during the day when you could see them, They generally hold very close to some sort of cover.


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Surely the blue can must be an ashtray, know one in Oz
drinks that. :D
Funny you mention that, its my son inlaws. He took the pic and stuck it next to the crabs for a size comparison. I make it a habit of not drinking alcohol while operating the tinny.............and i drink VB!!!! :D