Show offs (Clowns)

G'day all
Im not a winger but. lol
jsut coming home from a trip yesterday arvo bout 4:30Pm showing my oldman a nice track for conditions and weather got to a section wich looked iffy got out looked no good well good for me not the oldman doesnt have lumpy rubber.
Backed down to and junction 100 meters away and started to head down as we turned around a P plater loads with blokes and chicks flew up and stopped look at us and gave us the chicken look (standard GQ weak muddies) no winch. he decided to smoke em up and shoot up the track not knowing whats up ahead. almost rolled it and staright away bogged and then slid into a washout. Now im not one to judge and i sort of feel bad about it but we drove off and left him. no issue radionging for help. but i wanted to prove a point. and im all for helping others Ive used my recovery gear more pulling strays out than getting myself out. and im always there if people need me. but this time i thought bugger him he needs to learn a lesson.
(Wasnt any real danger im not that thoughtless) just some time waiting and thinking about his actions.

anyone tell me if im a a bad person or has a story of there won to tell??
Cheers Cam


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Some people need to learn a lesson or two. I think you did the right thing, he was in no danger, just stuck. Next time he may look before he leaps.

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As you mentioned he wasn't in any danger leave them there, sometimes these guys need to learn a lesson or two. We had a similar situation a few months ago just finished a rather hard track and these clowns decided to have a go. Mentioned to them it's pretty tricky you might want to think about this (the passangers were on the piss). They didn't listen so we drove off - bugger them.

Help out were ever you can but if you want to be an idiot your on your own.
yeah that wat i rekon
have to admid i wached him go up and we waited for it to happen and im pretty sure they so us drive off with a fair chuckle lol
the thing was u where not being chicken safe is the word i would use i have a friend her other half thinks just because he brought a 4x4 landcruiser with 2 inch lift he nos all and will never get stuck but just waitfor i want go 4x4 ing with him because of this reason

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Yeh! agree.If they were in no danger,let em swet it a bit, maybe think about next time they go out,OR NOT.

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think i would have done the same thing mate next time he might think of the safty of those in his car for starters:eek:


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I left a bloke 5m in from the entry to stockton beach (Anna Bay), bogged to the sills in his V8 Comodore Ute - i recon he deserves the tow truck cost!


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Good move mate, I helped a bloke once. Wrecked my snatch-strap in the recovery too, he said he'd replace it called him for months but I gave up ! Never pull off the road into swamp for a piss in your lowered ss commodore! Wish i'd left him too!


My only experience....going camping on Bribie, travelling along the inland track when l come across a Santa Fe...not going anywhere real fast. I offered to snatch him out and for him to follow along with us to the beach just in case he needed any other assistance. This was accepted however when checking that he had lowered his tyres on a couple of occasions, after snaching and then towing for quite a few hundred metres, he continued to avoid the question and just encouraged me to continue pulling him out.

Poor old Bitsa was getting a little hot and bothered by this time and so l tried calling our friends already setting up camp, they responded and said they would be their within half an hour as the tide was coming up.

My goodness the look of arrogance the man gave me when lo and behold a male came along to give him a help. The first thing my mate asked was " Did you let the air out of your tyres mate?" his response was "Ohh no, the man at that servo said we should be right while driving along the beach." I nearly friggen flattened him, it was explained why it was needed to be done and explained how it would have made MY attempts that much easier to pull him out, the man loooked at me again with the same arrogant look and proceeded to air downs his tyres. His wife was quite appreciative and did ask for my address for what l have no idea, the gentleman, not a word.

The cruiser pulled him out quite easily, l filled in my mate about the attitude l was given as they followed us along to the main entrance to the beach, and thats where we left them..tide coming up fast now and them with no where to go...looks like a sleepover for them in the carpark.

I admit l did not feel badly for them, they had water and shelter but l was not going to go out of my way any further.

Never under estimate any help you receive, yes l'm a girl and there's not a lot of me but if l didn't know what l was doing l wouldn't have offered or been able to raise help for them.

Situations have to be assessed as they happen and l reckon you and your safety comes before those that are foolhardy.

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I would probilly have cheaked on the passengers first..
"You all OK, gee that looked cloose, can you all get out?"
Then offer to notify the police and tell him to ring them when he's out...
"I'm going into town now,I'll let the cops know your here, give em a buzz to let them know you're out eh.
There is a few of you so no point me hanging around, plenty of spots to winch off, you do have a winch?"

And with that drive off.


Not too long ago we were down at a local park by the water putting the Kayaks back on the roof when a young bloke cam up and asked if I could pull him out of the mud, this is not a 4wd track but a gravel car park with some grassy bits on the lower side which fill with water after rain.
I looked over to his car and noticed it was a commodore ute with a P plate on the front so I agreed to help him after I had packed up so he stood in the rain waiting.
It was clear he had been doing circle work and that's how he got stuck, his lowered car had sunk to the belly and was stuck good - so much so that I could not access under the car to find a tow point and I was not going to get muddy for this fool.
So I explained if I attach a tow strap to his nudge bar it would get him out but most likely bend or deform it, he said if it gets him out he was fine with that. So I used a 20mtr tow strap instead of the snatch as I did not want his nudge in my back window and proceeded to pull him out slowly.
End result was a non stuck commodore with a wrecked bent nudge bar and a very thankful yet embarrassed driver, hopefully he will think twice before being a clown again.


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I've helped out two Nissan X-trails on beach exit at Straddie using my maxtraxs - both time I told them not to spin the wheels but to just gently crawl up the traxs so as not to damage them - and both times the just planted their foot flat and chewed away the spikey parts on the maxtraxs. No offers to replace what they damaged

One thing that made me really angry was when an idiot in a Patrol decided he would squeeze past the X-trail by driving half up the embankment and came flying up the track whilst I was clearing the sand from under the X-trail - he just missed us.
why is hard for people just to say thanks theses days.i always help if i can we use our gear to help then they act like it was your pleasure to help them.or they try to tell u whot to only a beginner 4x4er i got no problem taking advise from anyone that nos better it just a part of learning and becoming a better driving .


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why is hard for people just to say thanks theses days.i always help if i can we use our gear to help then they act like it was your pleasure to help them.or they try to tell u whot to only a beginner 4x4er i got no problem taking advise from anyone that nos better it just a part of learning and becoming a better driving .

Nicely said mate, the problem is there are to many selfish pri..ks around, you help them out and then it's "F*%$ You Jack I'm alright". I always try to do the right thing by fellow forby owners, but if I think they've been hooning or clowning around they can damn well get out of their own predicament.


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It depends upon the situation but if no one is hurt or injured, maybe it's Karma to leave them there to think about it. I have stopped to help lots of people out over the years, but you have to check if it is a genuine case or you end up getting used, I think in this case you did the right thing.


You're not a bad bloke, I would've done the same! :rolleyes:

At least as you said, no real danger plus they had heaps of blokes and gals with them so they can keep each other company...;)

You never know, what you did might save them next time! (If they learnt from their mistake?!?!):confused: