Shovel Holder Mount for ARB Roof Cage style roofrack

hey all

can anyone provide me with a link to a shovel mount for ARB roof cage?
Most of the ones im finding are more suited to rhino rack style mounting

I have the full size aluminium roof cage

I dont need it for the hi lift jack, just a full size shovel

thanks in advance!

John U

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Scroll down a bit. Have one of these. Easier to use than the Rhino shovel holder with one screw down point to hold the shovel. Not sure if it comes without a jack mount.

Ol' Harley

I have previosly used the QuickFists but went with these locking clamps with the new ute. Very impressed with how solid and easy to use they are, plus they lock.

I looked at those, but my rack isn't one of the current modular type ones. I'd have to do a bit of work to get something like that to fit. They look good and with the brand I've got no doubts as to their quality, but I don't think that I'm going to be able to make them work for me. Cheers anyway. :)

Ol' Harley

@Ol' Harley the clamps attach with a single bolt to a channel nut in the roof rails. I reckon you could bolt them to just about anything.

Hmm...I was under the impression that they had to be fitted IN to a rail system. I might have to have another look. The older style ARB trade rack I have doesn't have anything like that, just side supports. Cheers!

Ol' Harley

Just grab the ARB one, jack/shovel holder.

Funnily enough, I went to ARB in the first place, and the ARB jack and shovel holder doesn't fit the ARB trade rack! Strange but true, the guy in the store checked and they don't go together. My old rack doesn't work with that holder.