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Should i get this massive battery?

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by Andrew_LN65, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. Andrew_LN65

    Andrew_LN65 Active Member

    So a mate has offered me one of these monster batteries if i want it for my hilux.

    Its a dry cell/AGM deep cycle/multi purpose from what i can tell.
    1370CCA and 490RC so huge capacity, should run a fridge for days.
    The only catch is the weight, at 63kg it's a heavy bastard. Definitely more weight than i want to be lugging around for a battery but it gives me more capacity than ill ever need.
    63kg + 20kg for a cranking battery would be too much for me though. If i run this battery it would be in a single setup. My fridge has a low battery cutoff at 11.8v, and i could set my LED lighing and any other accessories up the same. So basically the accessories wouldnt be able to flatten it past the point of not starting or damaging the battery.
    Obviously this isnt as foolproof as an isolated dual battery setup but im wondering if it has has enough capacity to get away with it. My car is a manual so i can always push start if i have to although id like to avoid that if possible!!

    Luckily being a dry cell i can mount it flat, either in or ideally under the tub to keep the weight low.

    What do you guys think?
  2. boobook

    boobook Well-Known Member

    If you can get it cheap, it doesn't have go under the bonnet and it fits somewhere then go for it. But it doesn't like hot temperatures. at 50 degrees it only has 30% life and at 60 you cook it.
  3. 99pc chimpanzee

    99pc chimpanzee Well-Known Member
    The new kids on the block,(other than really expensive lithium)can take them down to zero volts and will be my next choice when agm gives up,luckily on my engel its older and no voltage protection and I believe on new ones you can switch it off.Seing you can safely take the lead crystal way down under 11.2volts with no ill effect on life the reduced amp hours relative to size is no big deal.
  4. smitty_r51

    smitty_r51 Well-Known Member

    My 60ah lithium cost me $440 3 years ago, and weighs 7kg...they are mot as expensive as people make out and mine charges off the alternator fine
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  5. 99pc chimpanzee

    99pc chimpanzee Well-Known Member

    Yeah the weight savings is huge with lithium,i have seen them as high as $1800.00,now that's scary
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  6. smitty_r51

    smitty_r51 Well-Known Member

    Mine was bought from ev-power in WA. They are meant for solar storage, works for me...although his prices look to have gome up.

    Best i was quoted was 3500 for a 120ah from a candian mob (that would run starter and deep cycle in one unit) ...helpful bloke though who actually called me in oz to work outif he could help
  7. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    I guess it depends on what you already have on your vehicle regarding accessories, mods etc...63kgs could be a lot of weight for a vehicle with a lot of mods already, something to think about....
    Then there's all your camping gear ...
  8. Outrage

    Outrage 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Something to consider...'lifting' that 63kgs in/out of where you store it. Doubt it would get moved except for install/replacement, but unless you're a weight lifter, that's still a decent load even for two ordinary people.
  9. Aaron Schubert

    Aaron Schubert Moderator

    I reckon you'll have a very hard time mounting a 63kg battery safely, and strong enough under the tub. However, people do use batteries this size; its all about where you can put it safely.

    You can buy a voltage sensitive relay which will separate the batteries when your second one goes flat for under $60.

  10. Andrew_LN65

    Andrew_LN65 Active Member

    Thanks lads.
    I do have concerns about the weight, my rig doesnt have much in the way of accessories yet but like all of us i have big plans for it. Im all about keeping things light weight where possible, the hilux is only 1400kg to start with which helps but by the time i add a winch, RTT, barwork, etc it will all add up.
    A decent crank battery + deep cycle will still be 40kg though...
    I would love to go lithium but simply cant afford enough amps hours to make it viable.

    I can knock up a sturdy bracket for it under the tray, and lift it in with a jack (like a gearbox install), or put it inside the tub between the wheel arches.

    My mate doesnt want anything for the battery, he has quite a few of them. Being free is definitely its big appeal!!
    I was planning to go down the dual battery VSR route until this came along, now im balancing up spending $400 on batteries and VSR or just throwing one of these in for nix and having nearly twice the capacity...
  11. Andrew_LN65

    Andrew_LN65 Active Member

    Oops forgot to update but I got the battery and stuffed it into the tray of the ute, I'll post some better pics and details in my build thread when I get a free minute

    Thanks for all the comments to help me make up my mind :)

    It certainly is a monster of a battery!!

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  12. Batts88

    Batts88 Well-Known Member

    Holly that's one big battery
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