Shortie 4x4's


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Hey all.

Im thinking of making a new purchase, ideally im after a Short wheel-base 2 door fourby. Probably something pretty old.

Ideally id love to find a working series 2 Land Rover but apart from that i dont know of many...

I used to have an old Jackeroo shortie which was pretty good.. and I did see an old shortie land cruiser..

Do you have any other suggestions of what I could look for?


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Hey there you could always look at the Mitsubishi Pajero shorty they go well i have an old NE 88 model but have since upgraded to a 92 NH 3.0 V6 but have yet to go off road with it but have seen them and they are great as was my old Pajero it went most places with the right wheels on it


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ah i did see one of those, they looked quite nice, sturdy and reliable, same shape (ish) as the series 2... how do you find the electrics? The probs ive had with our Landies over the years is mainly problems with the electrics in vehicles that old or older...


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Well with the old 88 model it only stopped when i hit water too fast but other than that it was fine but not sure about the new one yet as it hasnt been bush yet been doing a few things to it but might head out soon i think and see what it does


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if you don't mind small 4bies then take a look @ either a suzuki sierra or a vitara or a kia sportage series 1

other than those ya got:
swb GQ/maverick
swb landcruisers 40 series
swb pajeros
swb land rovers
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FEROZA all the way!


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Is this going to be a daily driver? Touring? Just weekend play?

I had a Landy Series III 88 and it's a fantastic vehicle but not very comfortable for daily use and even worse for touring (non adjustable seating position). I imagine the Series II would be the same.

My pick would be a SWB Pajero but I'm biased as I always wanted one (and now have a new NT SWB Pajero) but the Vitara or SWB Patrol or Cruiser options would be good also.

Keep in mind that no matter what vehicle you get you'll need to be a bit mechanically minded as older vehicles have more problems.


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If you want a bit of room in a shorty then you have a few options-
1. GQ Patrol
2. 70 Series L'cruiser
3. Jackaroo
4. Imported SWB Prado
5. Pajero
It all depends on your budjet and how hard your going to go, but make sure you stay away from anything built before mid 80's.