Sheapskin Hut, off the Putty road


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G'day Ladies and Gentlemen,
For the last few years I've been trying to get back out to the Sheepskin Hut just outside of Sydney off the Putty road and I have been out there once but all the roads that I used the 1st time out there went through Farming properties and where supposed to be public road, but now they've all got padlocks and "private property-no entry" Signs on them, and I can't seem to find any way into the park that proper fire trail or dirt road.

Would anybody happen to have any tips or ideas, I'd really love to get back out there for an explore?


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Thanks for that, but least if tracks are closed must be a way in, might have to email NPWS late Feb and see what they say


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hi @littleGem wondering how you went with access? Did a walk in this area on the weekend, and I believe Bakers Road and Condon Clear Trail have been illegally padlocked closed. (We went a different way).

Ol' Harley

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Just for info...I was planning on heading this way myself this weekend, but the NPWS site has it still listed as closed until 31 October, 2022.