Shark Mouth Rock and Eaglestone Rock

Karl Fehlauer

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Had to do a quick run to empty the fuel tanks for my GVM upgrade, so a couple of mates and I did a quick run out into the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia for an overnighter.

The plan was to checkout a couple of places including Shark Mouth Rock and then head to Eaglestone Rock to camp overnight and photograph the 'super' moon as it rose above Lake Brown which unfortunately did happen due to cloudy skies; however, I was rewarded with a great sunrise.


This old building was the first country Police Station in Western Australia.

2021-04-27 Architecture - 003-HDR-Edit.jpg

Shark Mouth Rock

2021-04-27 Landscape - 005-Edit.jpg

2021-04-27 Landscape - 007-Edit.jpg

Camp setup

2021-04-27 Camping 001-Edit.jpg

Sunrise Lake Brown
2021-04-28 Landscape - 043-Edit.jpg