See wot a broken output shaft bearing made me do?!


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I know it's not a 4x4 but goes just as far (sometimes further) & faster. It was my passion before cars came along & it stuck. But when it upsets me.......REBUILD TIME!

This is what is was Picture042-1.jpg
Then after the bearing let go Photos433.jpg Photos432.jpg
Then a colour change Photos436.jpg Photos437.jpg

more to come.........


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Crankcase & gearbox reassembly Photos442.jpg Then into frame Photos443.jpg Then the forks Photos447.jpg Then some of the plastics Photos454.jpg Photos449.jpg Now I wait for my swing arm bearing kit & Pro Circuit pipe to arrive, then the rims get respoked with stainless spokes, then it's riding time......until next rebuild :)
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So that explains why u've had no time for anything else, looks like a fine job u did there Sharky


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Yeah, especially when u get 6 or 7 mates whingin "hurry up & get ya bike back 2getha".
I have too many toys & not enuf $$ to pay someone else to work on em. Not that I trust anyone else to do a good enuf job.