Securing contents of chest fridge for off road


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I just cut the lid off a 4L goon carton. Fits 4 cans on the bottom row. Cut the lid you just removed as a can top divider, then add another 4 cans to the top layer. 150,000 trip kilometres later, I've yet to loose a can in my fridge. I have lost a couple from the carton not packed like they are in the fridge though.

Ol' Harley

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While it doesn't got a long way towards solving the issue...stubby holders.

I've been using these for years to put things like jars of pasta sauce in so the jars don't rattle together. When they're empty, they're light, they can fold up into a relatively small space, and if you throw them into a fridgethey may help things banging together while still not being too weighty.

Of course, they have another useful funtion as well... ;)