seat belts


decided to go play in the mud yesterday took my young son inlaw out for a day. he was not to keen realy but came any way. but i did not notice that he did not fasten his seat belt result being i drove down a steep drop off to a gully full of water nose dived in throwing him outof his seat into the roof
resulst one broken mirrow behind the visor. and one pissed off son in law who now vows never to set foot in my 4x4 again at least only his pride was hurt and it taught me a lesson make sure every one has their seat bet on:eek:


I'm a bit pedantic with the seat belt thing while 4wdriving, always check with anyone in the car that there belts on and fitting snuggly before anything a little challenging. Spose it always pays to be that bit careful in the long run.
Hope your son in law gives it another go, he really doesn't know what he's missing. :D


seatbelts are a good thing in the bush, but a side window half way up or if you prefer half way down can be just as leathel, when rockin and rollin on a good track can leave a nasty mark on your face, also worth mentioning have at least one window right down when doing a deep river crossing if your car has electric windows, if the electics get wet you cant wind it up or down.

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Seat belts should always be worn, end of story... I can't get in my car and drive without my seat belt or checking if others are on... it's just a natural instinct.


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grumpy that is a great tip. Heard a story around the camp fire os that happening. old wives tale or not its still worth doing.