SE Qld Forest Closures 8 Nov 19


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This from the HQ Plantions website for SE and Central Qld.


Very high fire danger closes plantation forests in SE and central Queensland
8 November 2019

All plantations managed by HQPlantations in state forests and on HQPlantations freehold land from Mackay to the NSW border have been closed to the public until next week due to very high to severe fire danger.

“The Forest Fire Behaviour and Weather Summary published by QFES has advised us of very high to extreme fire conditions where fires can develop quickly and will travel fast, with considerable incidence of spot fires occurring,” said HQPlantations Fire Protection Manager, Andrew Dunn.

“With these dry conditions and north westerly winds, the rate of fire spread is predicted to be up to 700 to 800 metres per hour with flames as high as 10m and spotting up to 1.2km”, he said.

For public safety, all plantations in south east and central Queensland have been closed including popular recreation destinations in the Glasshouse Mountains, Fraser Coast, Mary Valley and Byfield. Fire bans are also in place across the region.

Mr Dunn said the situation will be reassessed on Tuesday 12 November, at which time the plantations based on current weather forecasts are expected to be reopened.

“Public safety in the event of a fire is a priority, however public access can also bring a higher risk of fires starting due to hot exhausts in proximity with dry grass and unsafe behaviour like discarding cigarettes.”

Undertaking recreation in extreme temperatures can also increase the risk of heat stress or heat exhaustion resulting in serious illness or death.

HQPlantations is monitoring conditions from fire towers and cameras and has fire-fighting crew and equipment on standby, including a helicopter with a 3000L water tank.

Mr Dunn is appealing to the public to take this closure seriously to help ensure HQPlantations visitors, plantation neighbours, staff and contractors remain safe.

For further information contact:
Andrew Dunn
Fire Protection Manager


For individual forests see here


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My surrogate humidity meter is 50mm past normal on the dry side, I heard the % on the weather and thought it was low.

Here's hoping no one does anything stupid.