Sandy Creek Near Kilcoy Qld Camping


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We stayed there a couple of weekends ago. Great place and the tracks are perfect for standard vehicles on AT tyres - not too hard and not too easy.

Just be careful on some of the tracks as there are large rocks that came into contact with the underside of our Troopy.

I would not recommend the place to Soft Offroaders as low ratio is needed on some hills and clearance will be a problem on some tracks.

Also you cannot do a day trip there, the owners want you to camp the night - but it is a nice place to camp and we will be back.



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so just got back from sandy creek had a great time got there tuesday arvo set up late we were the only ones there had hot chicken on rolls it was an early night the minister and myself worked tuesday wednesday we were still the only ones there so shot off and did some of the tracks there pretty good but i reckon you would only need a half way decent down poor and it would get messy real quick brian the owner shuts the tracks down if its been raining to much i can see why a lot of the tracks are off camber . had a lamb stew in the camp oven for tea damn it was good about 7 oclock another family rocked up .thursday went into kilcoy as the minister wanted a jaffle iron and had lunch at the kilcoy pub with a couple of cleansing ales headed back got into camp at 2 oclock as we were taking the other family on some tracks as they were not real confident on there own the husband had a huge smile on his face so his misses said any way back to camp and we had steak for tea well me and the daughter did the minister had a jaffle from her jaffle iron 2 more families had rocked up friday we did some more tracks great fun and started packing up slow as while we were of doing the tracks another 3 families lobbed up and they just kept coming in i reckon the campiong grounds will be packed this weekend so the moral to the story is go through the week we had a real relaxing time as we were the only ones there for 2 whole days and had a ball:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Great place to learn how to use your 4b.
Went their when I got my first 4b and had a ball.
Camping is vey good as Brian looks after the place very well. If your their on Sunday morning he normally brings you the Sunday paper:) just to help you relax a little more!


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Any details on how to get there? GPS Co-ords? Sounds like an interesting place to take some beach buggies :)


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My family and Paul4nat are heading there this weekend. It should be a good one and i'll post some pics when we get back.



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Hi all,,
Checked out Sandy Creek on the weekend, and LOVED it,,, it was soooo relaxing, and peaceful.
And when we where their i suggested to Paul to see if we should all get together in the warmer months, so then you can make use of the Swimenhole (as they pronounce it their by there signage) :D

The boys did take off to check out some of the tracks, and going by them they did say they where alright, kinda like beginner tracks, only a few they could pass as being advanced!!!

Toilets where in fantastic condition for a camp site i could not believe how clean and tidy and well kept they where, but they had NO lighting so had to make sure the kids where bathed by 4ish or you'll be doing it by torches. The owners seemed really nice and down to earth. I will get Paul to post pics soon, on photobucket so then you can have a looksie of the camp site, swimenhole (hehehe love it :D:D) etc etc...

Nat :)

Sandy Creek June 09 pictures by paul4nat - Photobucket

hope that works!!
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Sandy Creek Camping Grounds - Kilcoy, QLD - Ph (07) 5498 1032 - WELCOME to Sandy Creek Campin'

Its just past Woodford, it took us about 2 hours to get there with all the traffic we got and we left at 3.30pm on the friday, and it took us about hour and half to get home today, not including our lunch break at CJ's bakery at Woodford. (ummmm yummmmy):D:D:D

Also Lee i think i would be totally useless at organising a gathering, i would be like WHAT THE !!!!:eek::eek::eek:,, hahahaha ,, but its one place i would definately go again!!!

Posted the link above so you can have a looksie at where we were this weekend!!!

Cant wait for the next get together!!



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I am new to the forum but love that area. We normally go to NCBR down the road but keen to try Sandy Creek.

Hope to catch up with you guys in the future.