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@boobook thanks for the correction, thats exactly who I meant, as I was typing it I was thinking thats wrong but I was belting down a coffee and breakfast before work so had no time to look for the correct name and link, he would make an excellent podcast. I have never had the pleasure of a chat with him


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Does anyone know a training organisation that still does sand driving courses in Victoria?

The Pajero Club and 4wd Vic used to but don't list it anymore.


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I know it is not an answer to the question but a good O/T Earth reply

My son had to do an advanced 4wding training course for work. When it came to the practical section he had to give his trainer a lift to the test area as he had lost his license due to DUI
When it came to the test he was asked by the trainer where his hands should be when driving. He replied one hand on the wheel and the other holding your beer, he passed the test no problem……….


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Very late 70's early 80's HR holdens and Datsun bluebirds and vw bugs and ferguson tractors all drove up the beach, Double Island sorted the men from the boys, then it got boarded, took the fun out of it. Who ever needed a 4x4 in those days, if your ...... dragged on the ground.