Sand Flags?

teza h

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Millsy, Having a flag on a ten degree angle might get hung up in overhanging trees a bit like a jousting stick I reckon. I have seen it before though.
Teza, Every time I head out where I am expecting traffic I will stick it up. Better than wishing you did after you end up with a bikie on your bonnet.
Steelo, I have mine mounted in the centre as there seems to be less trees to hit.

Lets have safe fun in the dunes and they wont shut them down.

Yeh, good one Chard. Just reading Jacked Surf's post how the bike riders seen his flag through the molga and got out of the way,could have been nasty without a flag.
I used to ride / drive dunens a lot back in the 1970's and there was a lot of buggy's,bikes and 4by's out there "back in the days when they used to let you have fun" and it was common practice to fly a flag. Often you would see flags moving along the dune line where you would never know a vehicle was even there if not for the flag, so less stacks = less tears.


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I remember when i was working in Karratha i used to see a lot of work utes with a red light on top of their flag too. Just a thought if night or low light/vis driving!!