Safe substitute for hoist


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Hi all,

What’s a safe and relatively cheap substitute for a hoist?

I’ve seen bricks, Jack stands and single jacks but the all seem awfully sketchy.

Is a hoist the only real safe way to work under a car that is lifted off the ground, possibly without wheels?



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I use Jack stands, I have 2 standard size and 2 big heavy duty although most of the time these days the cars go to the mechanic for major jobs


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Our mobile mech has some great axle stands. He’s happy under the car when it is up on 4 with no wheels.


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rule #1 always place the tyre under the lowest point then if you get a falling ve hicle on you you not flat you have a tyre width of breathing space.


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I've used 3x 4m poles ( 2" water pipe) with a block & tackle as an engine hoist. If you don't have jack stands, and limited budget, cut a couple of sleepers into 300mm lengths and stack them up in a 2 side by side, and next 2 at 90 degrees etc so the stack can't fall.


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3 tonne floor jack & jack stands.

But if I had my house with my own garage(2 car preferably of course :D) Id definitely have a hoist!

There was a thread here a little while ago & I think it was rusty panels who had some set up??
When I was looking into them was surprised how reasonably priced they are.