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Hello All,

Planning to do a trip west at the end of next year over your way for a look around. So I'm starting to get some idea of trip locations.

It's been years since I've been over SA (When I was a pup) and want to know a little bit more on the area around Kadina, Wallaroo, Elford and Moonta.

Are you still allowed to drive on the beach at Wallaroo? And is there good 4x4 tracks in the area?

Can you catch a car fiery from Wallaroo to the other side?

Going to come over via the southern edge and come home via the northern edge. Any idea for place on the way will be greatly appreciated.


G'day oznog05. I can tell you that you can still drive on the beach (at Wallaroo) and take the ferry across the other side but I don't know what the story is with tracks in the area as I've never done any up that way. Sorry.

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Hey Oznog05,
We did a run almost all the way down the Western edge of Yorkes from Moonta a year or so back. Then there is a track that takes you along the edge with sections where you drive on the beach to continue. Don't travel at night and be very aware of wombats. Yorke's is a wonderful drive. If you're going past make sure you take time out to visit places like Stansbury a real treasure with a Caravan park right on the beach.
If your into fishing than almost every town around the peninsula have good fishing spots. Whiting and Garfish are the two with plenty of squid on the tide changes. Razor Fish off places like Blacks Point - another top little shack town, but be careful you'll drive right past it if your not looking out for it.
Down the bottom of the peninsular are a few good surfing beaches and some wonderful cliffs. Moonta is a pretty town full of history - visit the Moonta Mines area and look around the old school. The Whole peninsula is still full of charm for it was mainly settled by the Cornish Settlers and their little cottages are still to be seen everywhere - many restored and some open to the public. Kadina is the home of the cornish pasty and a must to try if coming past this way.
Useless info. - Moonta, Kadina and Wallaroo are known as the Copper triangle but what many people don't know is that copper was discovered when someone noticed the green tinge on the backside of a wombat. They followed it back to it's burrow and the copper rush began.
Lovely area of SA. Hope this helped.
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Excellent...Love fishing so the rods are coming looking to spend two weeks in the area. The kids seen the shack town to Foxtel and want to go there.

If any one has anymore travel tips please feel free to pass them on.

Thank you in advance