SA pre christmas catch up, Sunday Dec 11th, Bonython park Adelaide.


G'ay all, so Bonython park has been chosen for this years chrissy catch up.
Area 7

Seems to be a suitable location with parking, shade and fascilites close by.

Festivities will kick off around 12.00 midday and run thru the afternoon.
It will be a casual affair with People free to come and go as they please. I will be arriving around 11.00 to get set up for the arvo. Will bring a bbq to cook some lunch on so if anyone is interested in a bbq lunch please bring whatever you would like to cook up for lunch. BBQ will kick of at 1.00pm.

What to bring

Bring your own seating as not sure how much is available.
Fold up tables maybe required.
A plate of nibblies etc.
Maybe a salad or 2 could be handy aswell.
Whatever drinks you desire.

Hope to see as many SA earthers there that can make it to see out what has been another great year of trips and adventures for our crew.

Have spoke to Heuy the weather god about putting good weather for the day and he assures me we'll be looked after;):cool:.
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Hi Brian,
As its xmas and we have heaps on im happy for the park. Just as its close and easy.

Les PK Ranger

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Bonython Park would be ok, we can find some tracks along the Torrens I'm sure, and Brian, you could try a crossing !!! :D :D
Not sure if I can make next weekend, but will give it a shot, assume it will be either a lunch type of thing, or maybe later pm and an early bbq dinner ?


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Can we please have a new poll, because people aren't picking the right answer for this one? :rolleyes:
At least you picked the Sunday - just heard I have to fly up to Olympic Dam that week and I can't get a flight back Friday night and instead have to fly back Saturday :mad:


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I'm all for Bonython Park : Pretty Central for Everyone and 1/2 hours drive from most Suburbs


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Bonython Park would be great spot... put the Angel Boys down for being there, it about the only day we have free till Xmax..


Well the votes are in and its a pretty conclusive result, the murray mouth it is :p:D:cool::p:D.

Yep sounds good Les, will edit post 1 with updated details.

Les PK Ranger

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Have spoke to Heuy the weather god about putting good weather for the day and he assures me we'll be looked after;):cool:.

Does look good, BOM forecasts sunny and 27c :)

Edit - Maybe have channel 10 going in case area 7 is chockers ?
Can advise relocation if needed.
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