SA Annual 4x4 Earth Meet Up - March 2016


Most people will have plans for the long weekend and won't be interested in buying a vehicle
Might as well go away for one last fling in the beast.
Anyone that is interested will wait till after the weekend

Could always find someone at the meet that is looking to upgrade


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I've got the px ranger 2 wd as a work truck, very soft and plastic, dont think i could trust it in the wild, rear diff smaller than a tc cortina.


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Anyone going up before Friday or staying Monday Night or more will need to speak with Antoinette or Neil to make own payment and pricing arrangements
We have only made arrangements with special pricing for F/S/S Nights
Anything else is between You and Willangi Management

Caravans, Campers,. Trucks, Buses and most vehicles will have access to the camping area
Don't know how U'd go landing a plane. Can be done but it's gunna hurt LOTS

Don't forget $1 Coins for Showers
Take own towels, shampoo etc for personal use (The environment prefers Natural Ingredient / Organic types)
Might be worth taking a toilet roll with You to the toilets just in case there is none when U get there
100 + People using the facilities, U don't want to be caught short.

Anything else, just drop me a PM / Conv
Cheers - Des / Kermit


Just had a look at the forecast in the lead up to next weekend, 36 next Thursday, Hope it cools slightly for the weekend.
Look for these signs.JPG Look for the signs just outside of town on the Broken Hill Highway
OK OK, Just for the Smart A's, we do have one pointing Left !
I'll be placing them about 200 mtrs before the turn offs to allow slowing down time
Getting Close now folks, This weekend for the final check of the 4B and a few more sleeps
Cheers - Kermit


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All sounds good to me but I've just realized ...........I need a tip for the Adelaide Cup ( when in Rome ) :D:D