SA 2020 annual meet , June lwe 6th 7th 8th.


If the situation changes between now and June I'll update post but for now it's off folks.

Bendelby Ranges station has been chosen hold our AM for 2020 on the long weekend of June rather than march as previous years in the hope of more favorable weather conditions.

I will update this post with the fee's soon as they will be changing as of November.

Please feel free to register your interest here and I'll add you to the list.

Members interested will be required to book their stay and pay their fee's accordingly. Here's the link to their updated website to book and pay fee's , just be sure to let them know your part of the 4x4 Earth annual gathering.

Our group are booked to stay in one of the stations new campsites called "Lynches Park" campground which is located in the Hungry ranges and is 7klm from the homestead which is an easy 10min drive over good station tracks.
Very van friendly access, has 3 longdrop dunnies and a shed/shelter is being constructed for our stay which will have a potbelly stove, bar and fireplace installed.
The campsite is located at the base of a hill which I'm told provides good shelter/ protection from prevailing winds, and is also close to one of the near tracks recently added to the property.
Please contact the property on the link below and book your stay stating 4x4 earth meet and Lynches Park campground.
View of campsite taken by drone.

1. Brian SA.
2. Luke SA.
3. Discomatt VIC.
4. Rags90mod SA.
5. Discoblues SA.
6. Mills63 SA.
7. 4tunner SA
8. Prado Dave SA.
9. Big Trev SA.
10. Outrage VIC.
11. Shane 45 SA.
12. Drewswb SA ?
13. Cookie 64 SA.
14. Poppa VIC.
15. Ivan .
16. DrB.
17. Tommyb.

1. Barcher NSW.
2.Cooking On 2 Burners ?.
3. Bomber 2012 VIC.
4. unko 84 SA.
6. Chatty AUS.
7. D22 navara SA.
8. Frunco
9. Greenmav SA.
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We will be there, have been thinking about another visit to Bendelby for a while now, loved the place last time we were there and will be even better now with additional tracks been dozed in in the Hungry Rangers.
Their remote camping spots are nothing short of awesome


Great to hear Matt, will be awesome to catch up with you guys again.

Think there has been 2 new tracks put in over the last couple of yrs which certainly adds more excitement, and appeal to the place.

Couldn't agree more, some of their camp spots are stunning for sure.


Myself and @Cooking On 2 Burners should be right for that weekend. Do you need to book a campsite well in advance or is it one of those places where there's heaps of room.
G'day mate, there are plenty of campsites scattered around the property but was hoping to get one large enough to fit all members, unless you would like your own site then you will need to book in advance.

Being the lwe it will likely be busy but campsites are well scattered , if you chose your own you will have peace n quiet I'm sure.

I'll start a possible attendees list and add you to that until you confirm your attendance mate.
Will be great to have you both along for the meet.