SA 2019 Annual Meet.

Well our 8th Annual meet has been done and dusted , literally.

A smaller turn out than previous years but still an enjoyable meet nonetheless. Was great to see some new faces and always good fun catching up with familiar one's.

Our group of 4 vehicles depated Roseworthy a little after 10am Friday morning and arrived at the Terowie BP servo at 12.30 to be met by Discomatt and Liza, Outrage Matt and Bomber with his fantastic new Nav Murphy , an adorable 4mth old choclate brown Labrodor, who kept everone entertained over the few days they were there.

On the property by 1.30 camp was set up and we all settled in for a relaxing arvo as several other punters made their way in over the course of the arvo.

A nice night around the fire followed by an overcast morning heralded the arrival of the last members to partake in the creekbed antics that were soon to follow. Mac man Luke led one group and myself the other. The creeks had changed somewhat since our last visit to Terowie some 18mths ago. Some were silted up while others washed out more, revealing some different challenges in area's of creeks that previously were rather take while others were more difficult, but still great fun all the same.

Conditions were very dry, infact the driest Ive ever seen up there. As the day drew on the wind increased , and so did the dust.

By the evening the wind had abated, the dust had mostly settled and everyone went about meal duties. Everyone fed and enjoyable night around the fire followed, and ultimately a few rough heads were evident the next morning.

Sunday was another overcast morning with the clouds assisting to create a stunning sunrise ( no pic's sorry ).

Out in the creeks by 10.30 and a few people opting to jump in others vehicles the decision was made to head out as 1 group. This has it's pro's and con's. A pro being everyone gets to be involved in the spotting, track building and watching each other's trucks crawl their way thru the challenges. This was one thing I really love about our community, the comradery and mateship were everyone helps, congrats and supports each other thru the difficult sections, and the elation you see on someone's face when they accomplish a tough section if track, and the surprise in learning something new about the capabilities of their vehicle. A con is that it does take longer, and their is A bit more waiting around on the tracks, but the pro's far outweigh the con's.

Back at camp by 2pm for lunch. The wind had picked up again , this time worse than Saturday and the dust storm was becoming ridiculous. As it was far more comfortable in you vehicle we decided to do some of the touring track. This track takes you to some of the lookout on the property along with some if the tracks thru the ranges which are also rather enjoyable. One such area is called the fish bowl. This is basically a big erosion washout that has basically be turned into a flex area, only short in length but enough to really test your suspension, and nerve as you usually end up with a coat of paint between your vehicle and the embankment, all good fun.

Back at camp the wind had subsided, the fire was cranked and another night of reflecting on the days events , along with some fluids to wash the dust down made for a pleasant evening.

Monday morning was pack up time. All done and it was time to say our goodbyes to a VIC friends. It was fantastic to catch up with you guy's again and really look forward to the next time we meet and a big thanks for making the trek over and helping make our meet so enjoyable.

To the new faces, Stefan, Jeremy, Jeff and Mark, thanks for coming along and hope it's not the last time we get to do some driving together.

To my son Braydon for joining us with a few of his mates and helping out in the creeks, good job son.

A big thanks to Andrew ( greenmav ) for bringing up the evening convoy, even tho it was only 2 vehicles.

And to all the regulars that return year after year to help keep these meets going, you guys are awesome.

Lastly thanks to Mac man Luke for all your help in leading drives, doing the awesome stickers and helping me coordinate the meet, really appreciate it mate.

Cheers All,
Till next yr
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Was another great week end , catching up with the SA crew and meeting some new faces . Terowie was so much fun , love the creek beds and the views from the range were spectacular .



Thanks very much to Brian for organising another fantastic SA meet and to Luke for leading our group through the creek beds .


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The Oils Diesel & Dust album cover abandoned homestead near Burra ?

Looks like it.
Also looks like a good breeze was blowing and the ground is very dry up there.

Nice pic.
Sure is mate , dust storms were crazy driving between Terowie and Burra , at one stage i couldn't see the white lines on the road or the end of my bonnet :oops::oops::oops: Lucky there wasn't any traffic on the road .


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Awesome weekend guys, thanks again. Great driving as always at Terowie. Thanks to Brian for organizing and thanks to the VIc crew whom made the big trek over. I hope you enjoyed the creeks. Apologies for being slack this trip and no pics....
Can’t wait to do it all again......
Ps. And no apparent damage, just loads of dust........

Glad to hear everyone enjoyed the weekend, makes it all worthwhile knowing people had fun on the tracks and enjoyed the socializing.
@Outrage we were lucky to have a few good spotters for the weekend I think mate, tell ya what tho, me knees are still feeling it from clambering around in those creekbeds , haha.
Great you guys got to experience it before the place closes it's gates for the last time in August:(.
Looking forward to the pics and vids mate.