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Hi. I’m very inexperienced with cars and 4 x 4. I have just purchased a 2015 bt50 4x4 privately. Its had all its service history, average kilometres and from the outside it looks good. However a friend of mine looked under it today and pointed out this rust as pictured. I’m worried I’ve made a huge mistake and this will be a major issue down the track. What are your thoughts? Should I get it rust proofed? Is it too late?


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That's been off-road. Salt flats, beach runs or potentially mine work. Did you get any history with it? By the fact they look like OEM shocks and springs I have guessing the latter as most people setting it up for touring would have swapped those out.


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Just looks like surface rust on most of the heavy chassis/suspension parts. Nothing to serious to worry about. As above looks like its been used off road, likely its done a few beach runs in its time.


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That looks like my 2012 px ranger, so about right for age.
You can go nuts with penetrol, lanolin, or tectyl but if you go off-road you’ll be redoing it regularly. I used spray cans of penetrol under mine.
Or you can stop climbing under there and go for a drive.

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Yep, minor stuff and all Rangers / BT50s (probably all 4x4 vehicle makes) do that with bolt heads, nuts, and other surfaces.
Not an issue, but if it bothers you, a pressure clean, dry, and coat of chassis black now and then will keep it looking a little better.
If not worried about aesthetics, just leave it and enjoy the new bus.

For sure, after beach runs, give it a good wash down, especially underneath, behind mudflaps and guard liners, nooks and crannies, and run the hose through the chassis until all sand is flushed out.


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By the fact they look like OEM shocks and springs I have guessing the latter as most people setting it up for touring would have swapped those out.
I still have stock shocks.
Nothing wrong with them, even after 180000km. They are probably due for retirement though.

As for the ute, wash the cow crap off the diff, shove a hose through the chassis rails and allow to dry. You could hit it with some chassis black or similar coating, then follow up with Tectyl/lanolin/Inox or similar to get into the nooks and crannies the paint doesn't fill, but I probably wouldn't bother.
Looks about the same as my 2013 BT50 that has spent some time on dirt roads and been used. Its only surface rust from where the factory paint has been knocked off and the metal exposed.

No major corrosion evident that is likely to impact the structural integrity of the frame, so spend $6 at Carlovers, wave the pressure washer under it and move on with your life.


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If your fussy with your car the only thing I would add is buy something like Fertan to treat the surface rust then paint over it. My Ute is the same. When I got it looked brand new underneath when I purcased it as it was a mums taxi. But it looks like yours now.