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What does everybody use for rust prevention ? I use a Couplertec electronic unit as well as the factory spray on prevention. Also before I hit the beach I spray the whole undercarriage with Lanox and after returning home spend at least 45 mins in the bay at Carlovers before reapplying the Lanox spray. I might be a bit paranoid about rust but living a couple of hundred metres from the beach and having lost a couple of cars to rust in the past I figure you can never be too careful.
i have enquired about rust protection recently..i just bought a jeep cherokee
i respected car inspector i asked said the spray on protection does more harm than good...making salt/sand stick to it. He told me if you thoroughly was everywhere after each trip it should be fine.
cant hurt to be over cautious but i guess it depends how much you are on the beach.
i myself am only on it once or twice a month so wouldnt need it as much as someone on it weekly


if you go to the beach regularly then rustproof your rig & alway give it a good wash afterwards.
If you don't do a lot of beachwork don't bother 4wds don't rust like they use to.


Hi gold rush after my last beach run i went through 2 spray cans of fish oil, have cats kicking up a ruckas some nights but the dogs soon fix that got to keep that rust away two much money invested in 4x4s



I use the mining grade Lanolin. Can't remember what brand it is but will post it once I can find it again in the shed.


I usually drive through the under body spray at Rainbow beach. They use recyled fish & chip oil. Once off the beach hit Carlovers and give it a really good soaking. When I get home I'll take it swimming in some river crossings.:D


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Preparing your vehicle for the beach

Hi All,

I want to get some opinions about preparing your vehicle for beach driving.

Rust Protection: I have relatives who use chemical rust proofing, and would never touch the electronic systems, however I also read in many places that the electronic systems are quite effective. Doesn't chemical rust proofing have to be reapplied every few years?

Vehicle Body: I have a Nissan Navara D22 dual cab styleside with a canopy (etc...), looking under the chassis, there are a lot of small hiding spots for sand and salt spray to sit, and I only assume these are danger areas... Having not yet attempted cleaning these areas, are they problematic with beach driving? Does anyone have any solutions/tips to keep these areas clean?

If you have any other advise for the above topic, please post your opinions here - I'm sure I'm not the only one to find your information invaluable!

Thanks. :)


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hey nicke we have done a post on electronic and and chemical rust protection and anyone how does alot of beach driving uses both if professional beach fisherman use erps you can be sure its worth the money there trucks are in and out of salt water all day

oh also i drench it in lanotec after every third or forth outing wheather beach or bush as mud can also do nasty things to your vehicle as well dont believe just because your only driving in the bush your car wont rust and also remember mmm mud means money as not only does it cause rust it get into every mechanical bits and piece
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i have a fan dangaled erps fitted recently by ARB Gold Coast cost around $1000 with the big advantage being it covers everything metal even the spots that fish oiling won't! e.g. a pillers roof etc..
have used both types over the years and found this to be the best. Living on the coast you also have to consider salt spray which is almost as danaging as driving on the beach.


Any oil is good oil for rust prevention

I use lots of fish oil on the old MQ each year doors tail gate and all the holes i can find to squirt into......... stinks for a week and halfe. but im in a dry part of vic
and paint on body deadner underneath.


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Thanks guys,
I have been looking at the CouplerTec system, as I got a brochure from the 4x4 show in April - they were offering the 4x4 system for about $400 self-fit, otherwise another $150 for dealer fit... Maybe wait until March for next years show to get that deal again... I guess more protection is best!


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I have ERPS fitted to my car, but I was told if you get a chip or scratch that goes through to bare metal you still should cover it asap. so far it is working ok.


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how u going mate, was just wondering where u can buy that lanotec spray that u mentioned is that the same as lanolin if u could let me no that would be great. cheers...


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:)how u going mate, was just wondering where u can buy that lanotec spray that u mentioned is that the same as lanolin if u could let me no that would be great. cheers...

Cakehead, yeah its the same stuff we use it on crane and fork lift units we send to concrete companys and meat works.

I have been told that our new GUTI has electric rust prevention on it. Where the hell would they put the unit? Had a quick look and cant find anything!!!


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Hi All,

I ended up opting for the traditional method - Tectyl 506. Spent all long weekend applying it. Great stuff, as it sets to a wax. Its thick straight from the tin, but I just mixed it with petrol (70/30 approx) to get it into all those horrible welds and panel folds. I covered the entire underside, through the sub frame, all through the wheel arches, between the cab and the style-side, around all the glass edges, all door bottom edges, inside the bonnet, and any other area I could possibly fit a 5mm tube down.
My cousin instructed the use and application (having done it to his own vehicles for 15+ years).
I'll give it a few weeks to completely cure, but beach driving, here I come! hahaha!

...oh, and if anyone is interested in the product, its from Valvoline - try to get it through a distributor as it'll be cheaper, otherwise Supercheap can order it in. It comes in 20L, 4L, or a handy 400mL aerosol can for those odd touch-ups.

Anyone else use Tectyl?

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Has anyone else used petrol to thin this down? I have never heard of this before but keen to give it a go - being able to spay this product would make a huge difference