rust on transmission plate after 2400Km!


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hi folks, just got into 4x4 and I am loving it! :)
today I went to change my factory tyres for a (hopefully better) off-road experience, when the car was on the bridge up high, I went to have a look underneath and I was scared by what I saw!
is that normal, should I be worried? going to the deal and ask my money back?! this car has very little off roading and 2500KM on it, how this can be already rusty ?



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That is only surface rust on the flange, which are often not painted. If it bothers you, its easy to hit it with a wire brush ,then a can of chassis black . The dealer won't be bothered with it and it wont rust away Anytime in the next 30 years .

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I agree, the bell housing is cast iron which will show rust overnight. The flange is probably the same. If you wash your car and leave it overnight your brake rotors will be rusted too. It is normal with that type of steel.


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Welcome @vito to Earth. Hope you enjoy your time on here. Enjoy that new fourbie of yours.
As others have said above, don’t stress, nothing to be concerned about.