Roof Top Tent/ Rock Rack Load Limits

Hey Guys,

Newbie here! Me and my girlfriend are looking to do a trip from south WA to Cairns in the winter months. We've got a Subaru Forester 2003 and we'd prefer to purchase a roof top tent. We've been looking at a Kings roof tent that weights 57kg.

To get to the point, I'm hoping for some advice about load limits. Our owner manual says 80kg load limit on the roof rails but whenever I look for roof racks (Rhino, Prorack etc) the load rating drops down to 60kg. From what I understand through research so far it should be fine when the car is static but I'm concerned that a 57kg tent on a 60kg roof rack may create problems when the car is on the road and off road.

Would I be okay with a 60kg roof rack? Why is my owner manual saying 80kg but rock racks are 20kg short? Any advice/discussion appreciated.


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Manufacturers rating is for what the roof can take, rhinos rating is what the rails themselves can take. No heavy duty options? most have options for stronger attachments that normally offer 150kg ratings etc

I wouldnt be too worried though, the ratings are no doubt have a large safety margin.

i would also make sure you have a go with a fold up style RTT, they can be quite an effort to setup / pack up although the height of the forester will make that easier than some 4wds.