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Roof top tent for Subaru Forester?

Discussion in 'Tents' started by Sruj, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Sruj

    Sruj New Member

    Hey guys, I am looking at getting a RTT for my Subaru Forester 2014. It has raised roof rails. Question is do I need a steel roof rack to fix the RTT? Or would the cross bars be good enough to hold a RTT which weighs about 65kgs?
    I am looking at buying a Kings RTT. I am an occasional camper , may be 4 times a year and not more than 1 week long trips.
    Any suggestions ??
  2. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    You don’t need a steel rack, a RTT fits to crossbars just fine. You just need to check that the roof rails and their bars will take the weight ok.
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  3. mikehzz

    mikehzz Well-Known Member

    Think it through. They aren't that easy to get on and off and really affect the fuel economy and handling of a smaller car. If you are camping for any length of time, you have to pack it up every time you want to use the car. In my opinion, rrt's are excelent for expedition vehicles who are on the go everyday. There are better options for occasional campers and those who mostly have a static camp. Yes I have a rrt, it's on my off road trailer and will never go on my car again. Been there, done that.
    PS A while back, I saw a Subaru that had mildly rear ended another car. Its rrt had snapped off the racks, projectiled into the rear window of the other car and ended up sitting on the Subaru's bonnet.
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  4. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    You were lucky to strike Mike on a good day where he has made a lot of sense :D
    We have been using a RTT for about 10 years and love them BUT we are not static campers and are on the move most days. As Mike suggested, if you don’t do that style of camping then you might want to consider other options
    We also like to use the larger style double swags if not moving about. If I was to buy another I would be looking at the Darche Dirty Dee swag/tent that Darb on this forum uses and has posted a review on them
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  5. Sruj

    Sruj New Member

    @mikehzz .. thanks a ton for sharing your experiences! I didn't think it through . I completely missed it. You are right, it's a hassle to pack up the tent every morning when I want to use my vehicle.
    I will now drop my idea is RTT and stick with a swag like @Albynsw suggested.
    Thanks heaps guys!!
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  6. Andrew_LN65

    Andrew_LN65 Active Member

    It's really not that much of a hassle... we pack up our whole RTT setup in 5 mins from sleeping to ready to drive. All the bedding etc lives inside so it's just close windows, fold it shut and put the cover on. Really not that big of a deal.

    We absolutely love it, no chance we'd go back to a pleb tent now. Havent found any noticeable affect on fuel economy with it on my old lux or the Mrs new rav4 either which was a nice surprise.
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  7. Sruj

    Sruj New Member

    Thanks @Andrew_LN65 . That's encouraging :)
    What kind of RTT are you using? Do you mind sharing the details?
    If you can share a few pics of your RAV 4 with the RTT fitted that will be great!

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