Roof top tent conversion


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Hey all

I am thinking about purchasing a second hand camper trailer. Maybe a black series alpha or MDC Tbox soft floor and putting a frame on it and buying a large roof top tent. Thinking the 2.2m wide ones
Just wondering if anyone has done similar. Is it hard to remove the canvas tent and then water proofing the top and putting a frame on it?

What everyone thoughts on roof top tents and small children. Might be worth waiting a little while till they get older. Currently new born and 3.
I just like the idea of the really quick set up and the view from the tent will be nice one near the beach.


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It is a call you can only make yourself
I have travelled with families with young kids and RTT and they have been fine but you have to be comfortable with the access issue and potential accidents
Take a Mallamoo tent as well that you can use for day sleeps etc
I have a soft top camper and removed the canvas tent , annex, cover and baseboard completely. Sold it for $1000. I found it a pain the bum to erect and take down especially if only doing overnight stops. I put a sheet of 3mm aliminium chequerplate on the lid and fitted a Kings roof top tent. bloody easy is this!! Allows me to carry my 15hp outboard on the lid as well. Also only takes about a minute to alter if I have to lift the lid to gain entry to the trailer contents. Ideal for myself or 2 people. If you got a large roof top tent can see no reason why the small kids cant fit in it. The flyscreen stays shut so 3 year old wont fall out.


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Awesome. This is exactly what I was wanting to do. You don’t have any pictures that you can share of your set up do you?
I have a 8x5 box with a frame on it...., the 4WD super centre roof top tent (with annex) is mounted at the rear ... Is it too high some times, but in saying that i have two awnings coming of both sides 2.5 X 2.5 . one side has a annex for sleeping and eating if its windy and the other side is for shade.. We can carry bikes and what ever we want in trailer.. solar panel in mounted on other 1/2 of frame on top with battery box and switch broad in trailer. " I've done mine" like this so i can still use trailer for odd jobs... And also have a A frame on the lower part of trailer with cover that just clips on to keep every thing dry and dust free... that also lets me see though back window at whats coming up from behind me.... The set up is ok... can it be better ..yes every set up could be better.. but it works.. only thing i would change is putting tent up front of trailer and the solar panel at back... but that would mean i cant use the annex for the tent.... but i can live with that.... will be looking at it to see if its better over the next month or so.
As you can see, it works but this was the 1st time out with the way its set up. at this point i found that the tent needed to be higher by 50mm , and the tent had to be another 75 mm back on the trailer as so the annex could be used the way it was meant too.
What i was thinking of doing was if i had a hard cover on the trailer , i then maybe use part of that for a floor on the draw bar with a mattress on it... That was so the kids didn't have to use ladder , but never got that far... so many things one can do ..just time and money
Ok this is what the set up looks like..(On left).. Last Nov 2018... Like i said still fine tuning the set up... Its starting to look big .. This was at TJ's 4B and camping and hiking park . . . . . Has lots of tracks and drop toilets. And at the moment even running water in the river. . . .
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Looks great. I like my set as well. Cheers Craig
looks like you have done well... I'm about to start a new trailer, if i want to do out back trips.... i need to carry fuel.. so new trailer will have to be same wheel base and carry 180 litres of fuel , and be under 1000kg ..loaded...its a big ask ...but i think i can do it