Roo Sytems exhaust.


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G'day all. Am in need of some help with info on exhaust systems. I have a 2006 HDJ79 with the 1HD-FTE motor in it. I'm wanting to put a 3" system onto my ute, the problem I am having is that not many companies make an off the shelf system to suit these utes. I was at the 4wd show today and got speaking to Glen at Roo systems who do have a system to suit and can send a system down to Melbourne as soon as tomorrow. Does any one here had any experience with them. Thanks.


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Hi Joe, no first hand experience with Roo Systems but I would get a custom job priced up at Performance Exhaust first, they used to be in Ringwood now at Trade Place Mitcham. Had a few done by them over the years and there work is good. They did the exhaust for the 4.6 and its a ripper, flows well and sounds great with a nice bark when giving it a bit but at 100 can't hardly hear it, Nothing worse than a drone or loud exhaust when doing long stints down the black top
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