Rodeo 2004 suspension lift

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Hey, i have a stock Holden Rodeo 2004 model & i have no idea where to begin looking for lift kits, i have heard it is hard to get on for a Holden Rodeo, is this true?

Is there a thread here explaining how lift kits work?

I spoke to the only 4x4 accessory place in my town and they said something about just adjusting something and putting new shocks in? I don't get it, lol.

Please help.
Looking for as much advice as possible =)


Rodeo's are easy to lift.
New rear leaf springs,u/bolts,bushes,greaseable shackles & new shocks alround.
Trim the front bumpstops & wind up the torsion bars.
All up supplied & fitted $1100
While you wait.


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Hi Miss Rodeo'

There is some adjustment on the Rodeos , you might not get quite a 2" lift by that method, get in touch with SNake Racing on 02 9570 1588 or their website
Snake Racing Australia, I know they have a 3" lift available for the RA series rodeo, I'm sure they would point you in the right direction and a dealership of their product in your local area .

One of our group , the LOOSE NUTS 4WD , has s twincab Rodeo, if you like I will bust his chops at our club meet this weekend

welcome to the Forum.

Get in touch with Goldrush, challenge Lee and the rest of the Banana benders, they seem to be an active bunch

Safe travel
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Hey, thanks for that, i am really new to this and i wouldn't even know where to begin, so i will give them a call and see if they can give me a bit more advice on it...

Thank you...


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Hi Miss Rodeo.

You dont really need a lift kit to have fun 4wding. Unless you have bucket loads of $$$ to throw away.

Now I know I can hear all the others gasping and cursing me but. Unless you are going to get very serious 4wding why bother.

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I am after my car to handle better but also look good =P
I also want perfomance out of it, so i am willing to spend that extra money on it, if it looks good and handles well, i will be happy =D Plus i want a BIG 4x4 hehe! Each to their own, thanks for the advice tho, all is taken in to consideration.


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another option for you would be a body lift, if you want clearance for bigger tyres a body lift is the most cost effective way to do so you can get blocks and bolts for less then $200 and all you need is a few blocks of wood a jack and some spanners and they can be fitted quite easy at home.


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Lift Kit

Miss Rodeo

Im like you, I had no idea about body lifts and lift kits. I made some inquiries and I think I've got it, so here it goes, Im sure all the brainiacs and technos out there will correct me.

A body lift will ensure that the body has sufficient clearance when the wheel is pushed up as far up as possible, and hence, will give you good ground clearance.

A suspension lift kit will give the wheels more distance to travel away from the body. Does any of this makes snece yet?

If you go into the 4WD TV website, they had an episode on exactly this subject. Log on and email teh EFS (suspension people) for some literature or a simply explanation.

Good luck



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Hi there

re your lift kit

Hunt around as there are plenty of bargains to be had

The rodeo can have a torsion bar lift up to 50mm without to much drama

New shocks will be needed to accomodate the extra height

We use and sell dobinsons and efs

Do your homework


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hey there,
If your from queensland you could try giving superior engineering a call,they are cheaper than snake racing and bbm and you might save on shipping cost as there closer to you.
go to www,

P.S i know a guy that has a rodeo with nissan patrol diffs under it, its looks tuff as

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Heels - Heres hoping you had a chat with Zordo at the forum meet up. He definatly knows his stuff and after speaking with him he doesn't try and sell you anything you don't need. :)



So Heels, have you gone from a 'Hold-en' to a 'Hold-on!' yet?

I believe the best balance is both body lift & suspension lift. Doesn't need to cost the earth.

I prefer to start backwards;
tyre size
total lift required to suit new tyre size
flex, load, handling requirements.

after you have determined all this you can select components that will increase or reduce the characteristics you wish to change.

a good general rule for increasing shock absorber length is to have the 'closed' length increased by half of the increased suspension lift. Provided nothing else has been done to restrict suspension travel (& provided larger tyres still leave the clearance) you should have appreciably better articulation with minimal effect on centre of gravity & handling.

Just remember.. "Bigger IS better" :p


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Old thread I know but I'm looking at doing this at the moment for my dual cab, now I'm pretty sure I understand 90% of 4x4 suspension but I can't get my head around two things 1:body lift - I can understand why,the benifits and how it's done but from what I know about vehicles it's not just as simple as a couple of blocks between the chassis and the body what about the tailshaft/s?, gearstick location and 'ratio' if you could call it that (maybe 'effort'?), Handbrake cable (I've seen the extended lines but they only go to the calipers) and also position of the motor and gearbox in relation to the body i.e: gearbox looms,heater hoses, engine bay wirring ect just seems like there's alot more to it (but I'm probely reading into it to much)
2: The ball joint flip I keep hearing about for rodeo's what does this achive? I've stuck my head under the wheel arch and can't see any real benifit myself, mind you I've only been told to do it not why how what it does?
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Bodylifts on most vehicle are fairly easy to do .:)
Late model bravo/courier are harder to do due to the radiator set up.
Wiring is not a problem & brake lines are no probs either.

Ball joint flip is moving the upper ball joint from above the suspension to below the suspension arm.:rolleyes:
This will give slightly more down travel.
The CVs will be a limiting factor. Then there is a diff drop to fix this :eek:


another option for you would be a body lift, if you want clearance for bigger tyres a body lift is the most cost effective way to do so you can get blocks and bolts for less then $200 and all you need is a few blocks of wood a jack and some spanners and they can be fitted quite easy at home.

I got a complete set of bolts and spacers (50 mm) for my 2002 rodeo from suspension stuff cost $387 i think they are in Queensland.