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Will be fitting my own rock sliders in next couple of months.

Looking at MCC or XROX. Anyone think these are rubbish or would recommend another brand.

If you got pics would be great and if you have tips on install that would even better.


Itchy Feet


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Brothers got xrox sliders on his dmax , they look good , easy to install yourself .
Tuck right up under the door sills if you like them to fit tight .


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I've got a set of Bud's Customs on my BT50.
Premium price but tough as nails .
Remember also whatever brand you buy to check out how it mounts to your chassis rails 1st to see if it bolts into the side with inside plates or just a couple of U Shaped hangers.
Mines a combination of both. Pain in the ass to fit but a lot stronger than hangers only.
Cheers Rick


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XRock Pics as requested. Haven't dropped the car on them yet so can't comment on how good they really are. I trust my 4wd dude and he reckons they are pretty good.


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