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Just throwing this out there to see what comes back.....does anyone know of any really rocky tracks in Victoria?

I usually comes across tracks in the hills that have some rock in them but was wondering if there were any that people know off that you would say were very rocky....sufficient for rock crawling?

I came across one that wasnt on a map a couple years ago at the back of Mt Cole....was awesome...long, tight, boulders everywhere.......but never recorded it and neither did anyone else that was there.

Anyone know of any others?

Thanks in advance.


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cobaw state forest has a few trks thats have small sections of large rocks....

toolangi - rocky trk. (not a long trk but has lots of rock and has 3 split offs to do..)
jackson brk - buxton. (sections of rock leagdes)
high country - butcher country (long trk alot the way numerouse rock ledges with a view!!)
pitts trk - marysville (was firly steep and rocky the hardest rock trk i have done, sadly i dunno when and if it will reopen after the fires)

none of which id go to just to rock hop.

if i wanted to go to a place that has a few trks with larger rocks id go to cobaw ...
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if your doing ellis i would recommend a 35" agressive tyre, lockers and winch if your attempting it in the wet


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heres a few pics from buxton



not really much of a challange but worth a visit if your in the area.

heres a few from pitts trk, worth a visit but id say it'll be closed for quite some time




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if your doing ellis i would recommend a 35" agressive tyre, lockers and winch if your attempting it in the wet

i would have thought much the same from what iv seen...

today mudmav was saying he did it this morning (dry). has a mav with 33's


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Did Ellis track yesterday as well, with an 80 series and a GU, both with 33's. It was a bit tricky in a couple of spots, but got through with only a bent side step.

mud mav

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did ellis track yesterday in mud mav, 2'' lift and 33'' baja claws and no diff locks. very challenging and rocky, had lots of fun and escaped with minor damage. car could use bigger tyres to give diff clearance and maybe a bit more lift to protect under body and sils. it was dry so grip was not the major issue. this track would be almost impossible in the wet unless you are really well set up, you will definetly need a winch in wet conditions. if you try this track be prepared to get some panel damage,but do not forget to have fun
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What about Robertson Creek Tk in the Bunyip Forest? It's just off Forest Rd near the first motorbike unloading area. There's a very bouldery section up there just past Rocky tk.


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Rocky Tracks

I think it was Tallarook!Telegraph Trk?Go up to radio/Antenna point/lookout.Head down small trk.Big steps,boulders and damaged car debris.To us at the time,diff busting.None modified two inch lift at the best,we had.Decided to do a U turn.Takes you to a road at the bottom,to continue exploring the area.Sorry to be so vague,but a good area to check out.Close to Melbourne.
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just driving past tollarook turn off now from there up to the ruffy turn off looks like boulder country im sure there would have to be some good rock crawling trks around there. next time i have a chance i might have a look around