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Shane Garard

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Hi all

Now i have bought me self a set of sport bars I'm going to place them on the D-Max over the weekend. But first I need to remove the tonneau cover strips which have rivets all the way along them. How do I cover them so that 1 it wont look silly with crap hanging out of the holes along the edges and 2 that it wont rust out on me? I also prefer not to weld the metal on the car ether. So if anyone has any pointers or ideas I am open to suggestions.


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You could try rubber grommets, paint them to match. I would think you need to fit them, tape up and then paint because if painted first would probably crack trying to squeeze them into the hole. Could try a vinyl dye/paint if they can colour match it. To prevent rust, I would treat the holes with a different thin brush and some rust treatment, let it dry. Again masking tape up so just hole is showing then touch up paint in the hole. Let dry, fit grommets.

Alien d2

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Another option is to put a rivet back in each hole.
Until you remove the strips there is no way of knowing what condition the paint is like under them.

Alien d2

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There is also a option of getting a motor trimer to modify your cover around the sports bar once fitted.


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on my old Holden ute i removed all the tarp hooks and had the sign writer cut me some strips of sign writing vinyl close to the color of the ute which was dark green metallic, i just stuck those on up both sides and you could hardly see them unless you were up really close :)