RIP To A Member (Yogi)


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I just just been informed :( that a fellow South Australian Member (Yogi) has been taken from us. Not to many details as yet but.

Man killed as car smashes into tree at Willaston | adelaidenow

A very friendly, out going, funny enthusiast. For those who have met Mike will understand the loss for his community and workplace. My condelances go out to his Wife and Family.

Maybe gone but will never be forgotton.

Rip Yogi...




Sorry to hear the news. Condolences to his family and I hope his friends remember him fondly.

sahara 07

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Our deepest sympathy and condolences to his wife and family

So sad to loose a real top person willing to help any one out and most of all his favorite saying to me. What have you broke now that needs fixing now


Condolences to Yogi's family, pass on our thoughts please from myself and 4x4Earth.

Sorry to hear this, my condolances to all i grieve every time someone passes i know my time is coming up very soon (i'm 68) all i can do is leave my love to everyone on this earth


SHIT, that's terrible news.
My families and my sincerest condolences.
Only wheeled with yogi a couple of times but seemed like a nice bloke, very friendly and polite.
A sad loss to the 4wd community.
R.I.P Yogi.



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Never got the chance to meet you on a trip, or share a drink (and a laugh) around the campfire
but i'm sure fellow sa earthers, will sorely miss the extra spark you brought to their trips :(

Condolences to yogi's friends and family


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Man that's some bad news. Yogi certainly was a great participant to these forums.

Condolences to his family and remember to get out and enjoy life while you can.