RIP The Vindicator


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T'is with a heavy heart and a tear in my eye that I hereby announce the passing of the mighty Evinrude Vindicator 225hp outboard (ie my ski boat). She served us well, dragged us, our kids, our friends and their kids around for 10 years on Manly Dam, the harbour, Woy Woy Bay, Myall River and Smiths Lake but after so much work her heart lost compression and she has given up the fight to keep towing.

She will be remembered as a cranky, loud, fuel guzzelling 2 stroke who wouldn't idle, couldn't plane at low speed but loved towing, taught heaps of kids and most friends how to ski (and (almost) always bought us home.

RIP old girl....

In other news, guess who's getting a new ski boat for Xmas?


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Les PK Ranger

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Was obviously a 'fist air punching' piece of equipment mate, sorry about your loss.
OTOH, bring on the new boat and probably better outboard !!
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muc the truck

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Theres always a upside :) 2 or 4 stroke ?
All new stuffs 4 stroke for environmental reasons . So much co2 in the sea its caused shellfish to die (dissolve from acidification ) , an oyster farmer had to move to Hawaii . Considering 50% of the air we breath comes from the ocean from phytoplankton we need to look after it as best we can . 2 strokes should be shelved until they can beat the emissions of 4 stroke .

How about a lsa powered outboard .


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The import ban of old school 2 Strokes starts next year. Etec, optimax, lpdi, etc all have the same compliance mandate as a 4 stroke.