RIP Holden Commodore


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Ha Ha. Although Hyundai did re badge a few makes in 1967, here is the original you beaut cool, head turner Hyundai Pony .:p:p:p:p.
Eventually, Hyundai wanted to build their own car, and that’s where Mitsubishi enters the picture. In 1974 Hyundai started building their car, the Pony, and selling it in some countries using powerplants and drivetrains from Japan’s Mitsubishi Motors.:p:p:p.
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Now here is a real car.
One of our families' classics.
1969 Holden HT ( Head Turner) GTS Monaro.:):):):).
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Now that’s a Holden


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The introduction of the commodore was actually the beginning of the end. Using the opal as a base and re engineering it to suit local conditions. Never really a true aussie, more a pig with lipstick.


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Here's one on my Favourite photos.
Jean & her Dad , circa late 50's
Very Cute , Who's a Daddy's Girl eh ;)
With his original 48-215 FX behind them , the car that started it all.

Jean & Dad.jpeg

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Well, given PSA have just got into bed with FCA, it's not a surprise that the Insipid has been pulled from sale as the Commodore and also anything else from Vauxhall/Opel.


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Being an old petrol head I was very into classic cars. Some years ago I attended every car show around Melbourne and outer Melbourne. I took thousands of photos and uploaded them on my classic car web page. Here are some from the Holden day down at Albert Park.
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