RIP Brett


Please forgive my lack of idea as to who and where this happened Tink but was it related to the officer murdered in Brisbane yesterday ?

I rarely keep up with current news events.


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Rest In Peace Brett.
A father
A husband
A friend
A mate
A hero.
You were simply doing your job when your Life was taken by a piece of scum.
Rest easy mate, you served your community without fear.

Well said Tink. I only met Brett once, whilst having a cuppa with a mate when I was up north. Seemed a bloke I would definitely have had a beer with. The community have lost a great role model.. Toowoomba's in our thoughts at this time.


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Its a hard call mate , the pain goes over time , but the memories never fade , its burnt into your brain so you never forget so it always seems like it happened yesterday for me even after 30+ years after my grandfather was killed. Life goes on and we all move forward , but we never forget ;)