Rhino Rack, Backbone system VS 6 RLCP legs, which one should I choose?

Hi, guys

I decided to have a Rhino Pioneer Platform, but the question is which mounting system should I choose? New Backbone or original 6 legs?

I don't have RTT, so weight on the rack won't be too heavy, but I don't think weight is the problem for the mounting system. Convenience should be the problem, and how to clean the roof as well.

Personally prefer 6 legs, how about you?



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These new racks keep catching my eye too. Makes the old steel arb roofrack seem like a creation from last century (like it is). I’d go the backbone system personally, just for the purposeful stance it gives a vehicle.


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I've got the backbone with rhino platform on my disco. For me I wanted something that sits as low as possible - mainly because of the disco's stepped roof. If a rack is high at the back of the vehicle then it looks way to high at the front. The backbone for me was the lowest mounted rack I could find apart from one that is made in the UK and is double the price before shipping is even considered.
The back bone is kinda fiddly to setup, but mine stays on permanently so no real issue there.
Backbones look hot and are very practical if you're using it often for larger loads. Otherwise, go RCH or RCL if you can they are lockable and low profile.