replace front seats Landcruiser DX


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Has anyone upgraded their seats in a Landcruiser 80 series DX model? it's the model with 3/4 seat passenger. If so. what seats will suit?


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You can find Recaro`s and Saas on gumtree.
Getting bases you would have to talk to a dealer.
My Recaro I bought in 1995-6, it`s been in my Valiant, Bronco, Rangie and now it`s in my 100 series.
I`ve had it reupholstered once, be sure you get a factory one there are plenty of copies out there.


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I’d wager a slab that being a Toyota the corresponding GXL model seats will bolt straight in.
Cant believe you don’t love blue vinyl haha.
You are trying my memory but I think the only real internal difference was how the rear seatbelts were mounted in the DX - ceiling mounted?
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