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Anyone know an easy way to remove vinyl laser cut lettering from the paint work, WITHOUT damaging the paint.


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A heat gun will get the stickers of easily. ( not to hot though!) Then use some Citrus based cleaner (orange is best!!) Wipe it on liberally and let soak. Wipe off with a rag. I use it all the time getting stickers off freezers. Works a treat.


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Frosty's right, heat gun or hair drier but not any hotter than you can tolerate on your skin. I used Prepsol when I took a big sticker of the side of my Suzuki. Get Prepsol form your paint supplier, it's used pre-painting to remove wax, polish, oil etc and seems to work on the adhesive also


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pinch the other halfs hair dryer works ever time but low heat so not to burn the paint


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I like the hair dryer idea... soften up the sticker so it will peel off but not bring the paint with it.
Eucalyptus oil is good for sticker residue... I think it works better than citrus cleaner.


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hair dryer to soften the adhesive and slowly remove the sticker.
The glue that is on the paint the citrus cleaner or metho.
Clean, cut and wax the area afterwards


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If the sticker is too old and brittle to budge with heat alone, while its still warm carefully slide a razor between the sticker and the paint. Glue left behind can be cleaned as mentioned above. the razor needs to be the very thin old style and be very careful not to dig it into the paint.


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G'day Grey Ghost, i'm only up the road in Ringwood. I used to do this sort of thing occasionally when I was working in the car yards as a detailer, I'm happy to come over and give you a hand one weekend. You can ring me on 0407 974 094.

Grey Ghost

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Just remove the panel and put a new one on!! :rolleyes:;):p:D


Its the tailgate Gilly, its about the only one without any small (or large) dents in it at the moment, at least until I get it back to the panel shop.

And yeah bmurray, we're kinda doing that anyway...:confused::confused::confused:


Anyone know an easy way to remove vinyl laser cut lettering from the paint work, WITHOUT damaging the paint.

Being a spraypainter, the best way I have found is to use a heat gun, but not too hot. This works for 2 Pac and Acrylic. Slowly pick on one corner, then slowly remove the sticker with the aid of the heat gun.

For the glue residue left behind, better of to use Prepsol to remove. Prepsol can be used on 2 pac, Acrylic and Air Dry enamel safely, which will cover nearly ALL paint types. It doesnt matter if it is Block Colour or Metallic, as metallic has a clear coat over top (Except for XD-XF Fords and Early Bird Commodores).

Once all glue residue is removed, use a good quality polish, and polish the area. You might find the paint underneath the sticker is the original colour, and could be different to the rest of the car.:eek::eek::mad::eek:

Have fun, and take it slowly........


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Caramel Wheel

I would have a try at a caramel wheel, i used one on the surf stickers that had been there for 20 years and it seemed to do a good job, i brought mine from a car paint supplies place in dandenong.

If you need me to find their details i might be able to.