Removable Tie Down Deck for ISUZU MU-X

Hi Jad, thanks for an excellent and very timely thread. I have a 2017 MUX and have been looking for weeks trying to find a temporary solution for securing a portable fridge and 2nd battery in the cargo area, without having to take out the third row of seats! Unfortunately Im not skilled like you to make this deck, and probably need to find someone close to where I live (Dunsborough), perhaps a cabinet maker or handyman etc? I too am thinking of putting a slider in, but see you have taken it out? Do you possibly have the dimensions of the deck and recent photos of it in the back of your mux? I assume it is about 900mm long and that would determine the size of the fridge + battery box that would fit on one side? I need to get both of these items and have a sparky fit them properly. Many thanks for any advice.
Hi CycleOZ, thanks very much for the referral to Drifta, they certainly have a comprehensive website. Unfortunately they are in NSW and Im in the SW of WA, 300k from Perth. I have re-read this thread many times, but am still not sure of the best way of securing both the 'Deck' as well as the Battery Box and the Fridge? Your pics from Nov 2017, show the green straps tied to the two rings under the front Box, coming up through the 'Deck', over the fridge slide then down to the D rings on the back of the 2nd row seats, is that correct? It appears that the two green straps hold both the Deck and the slide down? Or have you got other secure points under the deck to hold it down as well? Are you able to post a few more photos to show what you have done? Many thanks for your help on this.
Drifta do delivery. But perhaps you are too remote.
I’ve modified the design as per previous post to run the tie downs across the back, rather than front to back. The fridge slide and draw are bolted to the plinth but with about a 3 mm spacer so the tie down goes across the plinth but under the fridge slide and draws. See the photos
Hi CycleOZ, thanks very much for taking the time to send me the pics and post. Im not sure where the tie downs are, in relation to the back cargo area? I cant seem to recognise anything in my MUX that looks the same? Can you please tell me where you can get the straps? The look like they have a friction/ratchet mechanism to keep things very tight? Thanks for your patience, as Im quite new to this and are learning as I go! Chris B
I tried to video but couldn’t upload. I’ve annotated some of the photos. I haven’t shown the front tie down connections. These are to the bolt that bolts down the front of the 3rd row of seats. The rear tie down is to the bolts that bolt down the back of the 3 rd row of seats. To remove the plinth and slide just loosen the ratchets unhook the four hooks on the tie down points and lift out. With mine I also take the draw out to make it lighter. Good luck..tell us how you go
CycleOZ, you are a legend!!! Thankyou so very very much for the great pics and descriptions, they make a huge difference to me understanding what is going on! And it is the first time ever I have finally seen a set up in the back of the MUX!! I was beginning to think it couldnt be done, and was getting a bit down about it, as Im trying to work out how to prepare my mux up to go bush by myself with all the things that are required, and the fridge/battery set up is just one of those that I have to consider. Do you have roof racks or tray by chance, like Rhino? The website is pretty good at showing their huge range of bars, racks and trays etc, but I rarely see an mux on the road down here where I live. I will have a good look at your pics and text and go have a look for the marine ply and carpet, perhaps at Bunnings over here? By the way what is the size of your WACO fridge/freezer on the fridge roller, and the single drawer? What sort of prices should I expect to pay? I think it is going to cost me around $4-5000 to set up from what I have seen over the past month or so!!
My objective was to set up MUX for Gibb River Road. So I needed extra fuel, battery, fridge 2nd spare. I toyed with a full roof rack as well as back bumper for fuel and spare. In the end I put in ARB long range fuel tank 117 litres, 2nd battery under bonnet, roof top tent, and will move cargo barrrier to back of front seats and have second spare in back. Some issues

ARB have the pioneer roof tray for MUX which has 3 rails and a max load of 100 k
g, but this doesn’t include the 30kg of the rack so it has a net load of 70 kg so can’t have roof top tent (60 kg) and spare and fuel on top. So I just went with the standard whisper bar with a load rating of 60 kg and a King roof top tent ( from 4wwd supercenter).

You can only fit a 55amp hr battery under the bonnet which is not really enough for the 55 litre fridge. It is OK If travelling each day or camping with full sun ( charging from 120 watt solar). When I do the Gibb River i’ll put another battery in the back. I have dual wiring from the charger in the front of the car to the back, so I’ll have the batteries in parallel. I’ll buy a battery battery box and screw it to the top of the draws and then strap the battery in and the cargo barrier will give me extra piece of mind.

Costs from top of mind
Dual battery $1,500
LR fuel $1,500
Fridge slide Dunn & Watson $300
Waeco 55 fridge $1,000
900 mm draw 4wd supercenter $200
My fitout $50-100 all from Bunnings except tie down points
Cargo barrier $900
Roof top tent $ 700 4wd supercenter

If you look at the Drifta web site they do have photos of MUX fitouts. It is a bit tricky to find. I recall that it is under other fitouts or something similar. They have quite a few photos and layouts. I almost got them to build my fit out. It would be well worthwhile giving them a ring to discuss. Their stuff is really well designed and thought out.
That is just great advice, thanks very much CycleOZ, as I too am aiming for a trip into the outback desert, but across the centre to Alice then up the Tanamai track towards Broome. I did half the Gibb in 2016 in my then DMax ute, and it was a rough trip!! But a beautiful place to be.
Your total expenses are around $6k!! How do you find having the big draw? Is it better than having bins next to the fridge.
Yes you are right, there are quite a few fitouts of mux on drifta!! I hadnt heard of the Whisperbars, so had a look. At the 'Roof Rack Store' they seem pretty good value with both the 'Flushbars' and 'Throughbars' having a 75kg rating!! How do you find them; are they really quiet? Can you attach other trays or racks to these?
The Kings supacenter sure has some good deals. I see their 60l fridges are relatively cheap. Have you heard any reviews about these? Also hadnt heard of Dunn & Watson for fridge slides!! Have to get out more!!
I will go to Bunnings in Busselton and see what they can do to help with the plywood cut, and carpet glueing then the holes for tie downs.

How do you find the roof top tents, as I hadnt considered them before you mentioned it? I was looking at a Kings swag under an awning?

Many thanks CycleOZ, I really appreciate it.
The big draw is great. I then would have plastic bins on top and when I get around to it the 3rd battery and box
The bars may be pro bars or something like that. I have the MUX with the roof rails already fitted, so these are just the standard cross bats for that
Roof top tent is fantastic a really good breeze and away from the ground
The nice thing with the slide is the clearance under it for the ratchet
We spent a couple of months down your way in 2016 when we did the big lap. We towed a jayco Flamingo them.
Hi CycleOZ,

Im back trying to fit out my MUX for a trip up the central road in May, and going through the same stuff as last year!! I have made the deck and put the carpet on and it looks great!! I have ordered Titan draws, a fridge slide and fridge, and purchased an ArkPak 730 with big AGM.

Im stuck on how to secure the ArkPak box in front of the slide, as I cant find any tray that will fit the Box. Do you have any ideas or links you can send me? Many thanks, CB
Hi Shaun, I have pretty much followed the original photos from Jad then CycleOZ on this thread and only got to doing the floor with carpet. Have now hit a snag trying to find the tie down rings here in the southwest, with no luck yet, so I cant proceed!! Will see what happens this week? CB