REI co-op dome tent


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Kings swag is on the way out (4-5 yrs old) so looking at options . Been looking at a REI co-op dome tent 2 man job , still researching tents and looking for recommendations so any advice will be appreciated . Think I'm getting to old for the swag and a bit of head room would be nice , majority of my trips are VHC so something warm and wind/rainproof would be ideal , happy to spend up to $300 .


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I reckon if looking at a dome style tent then its hard to go past one of the pop up tents like the Oztent Malamoo
and if you want bigger then Blackwolf/Oztent style tents would be next choice although $$$$$ and heavy.

Me personally i love the swag for being able to roll it up with bedding especially in a ute with no where to store loose bedding etc.
Only alternative for me would be a canopy suitable for sleeping or a hard shell roof top.

Paddler Ed

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Personally I'd be looking for a Geodesic or semi-geodesic design, or a decent dome style tent, given that the VHC can be 5 seasons in one day....

So, based on that I'd be looking at what's on offer at Snowy's, Paddy Pallin etc. Quick look at sub $300 and I have found the following options:
-Marmot Tungsten @ Paddy Pallin $320
-Blackwolf Grasshopper @ Snowy's, $215
At the moment (due to their pricing models)
-Kathmandu have the Bora @ $270
-Mountian Designs Kaon @ $300

Looking overseas, as Australia doesn't have an equivalent to Alpkit that I know of, and here's some options:
-Alpkit Viso 2, £104+ delivery
-Alpkit Tetri, £96+ delivery
One benefit with the UK tents is they have a much higher hydrostatic head for the outer and groundsheet - Alpkit run at 3,000mm head for the outer (compared to about 1,500 to 2,000mm for the Marmot) and 8,000mm for the groundsheet. Also the Alpkit Tetri pitches outer first, so the inner is nice and dry.

What they won't be is as warm as a swag - they don't provide the same insulation. You will need to run a decent mat (20mm minimum, possibly even 50mm depending on you... I used to sleep on a 20mm 3/4 length mat. I now use a 100mm full length mat...) and sleeping bag to get the same warmth as a swag gives you. Have a poke around on the Alpkit site, they have some good gear at good prices. With the sleeping bag, you need to decide on down or synthetic. I've been using down for the last 15 years...

Hope that helps - I used to work in outdoor equipment retail in the UK, as well as outdoor education so have spent my time around lightweight gear.



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Thanks for that @Paddler Ed , Appreciate your advice mate .
I had a good read of the specs /price/access of each tent and have narrowed it down to either the Black wolf grasshopper or the Kathmandu Bora . Both seem quality tents and reasonably priced , with a quality self inflating mattress it should do the job .
Is the Bora still available in green ?