Rediscovery of 4-wheel driving


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As a kid, I was around 4WDs including Landcruisers to Range Rovers. Over the decades, got married and we ended up in a Mercedes 2003 ML350, not chosen for off-road, but to tow a boat around town. In the past few months, we've discovered a few tracks around the Blue Mountains, nothing difficult but enjoyable nevertheless. It was nice to see responsible people still taking care of the trails and drivers still giving the usual acknowledgement by waving on their way by; needless to say there are still appears to be 'weapons' on the trails that almost wiped out some friends of ours following us through Blackfellows Hand Track. One day, we'd like to get into a Discovery or Prado so we can venture further; that's on the wish list, but for now, we'll actually use our ML for some light-duty 4-wheel driving. It's an unusual sight to see the underside of a ML dirty but it's nice to know we're not afraid to get it dirty. It's probably the last of the ML series that came standard with Low Range gearing and reasonable capability. Hope to get some good tips especially from other drivers that know great trails that don't require major ground clearance.:)