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G'day all,
I purchased two sets of recovery tracks a few years ago, but as the story of my life goes, didn't have the time to use them, so my loss is your gain.

First set are Muputrax in 123 x 31cm in yellow. These are a fibreglass 'sand ladder' type of track, but they have other uses as seen in their website.
The set comes complete with a storage bag which can be separated into 2 sections. These tracks have never been used and have been kept in the bag, so no UV damage either.

The second set are a set of 1100 original TRED's in green. These have also never been used and have been kept in the bag with the Muputrax, so also no UV damage.

Now for pricing.
The Muputrax and bag are over $400 new, but I'll let these go for $350. The bag is not for sale separately.
The TRED's are around the $180 new, but I'll let these go for $100.

If you would like to take both sets (with the bag), I'll take $400.

Pick up from Batemans Bay, they are too big to post.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask away.
Thanks for looking,


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The TRED's have been sold, the Muputrax are still available if you'd like to make an offer.

Les PK Ranger

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Muputrax are also great for bridging obstacles, if they're the ones I think are quite thick and very stiff.
I looked at them very early on, even buying a sheet myself and cutting to size making many pairs.

These, Treds, Maxtrax are all great to have if ever needed, saved my situation of SE SA beaches a couple of times, once or maybe twice in untracked desert dunes, and probably 10x that others on beaches.


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They also make a 4wd look 10% tougher when on the roof and a massive 20% better when on the rear bar along with 2 35's and a shovel

Les PK Ranger

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They also make a 4wd look 10% tougher when on the roof

See that ALL the time around town.
All I think is some time when needed on a beach they shatter into pieces from UV deterioration over time exposed for decoration.
Even though Maxtrax (and likely Treds) are UV resistant materials, all plastics breakdown from sun exposure.
Muputrax are different, FRP type materials, might be more resistant but would still breakdown (I know firbreglass does too).