Recovery gear


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Hey I just need some advice on how to clean my recovery straps.... I had chainsaw fuel leak into my recovery bag soaking the contents in petrol
Thanks Gina


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I’d be concerned with any synthetic fibre rope being soaked in petrol. I’d think it will probably deteriorate the fibres?


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On the tag mine says not to use solvents. I guess that means soaking in petrol/diesel is not recommended. Not sure what it does to the fibres, but I wouldn't use them anymore if they'd been soaked.


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Mine go through the washing machine after ever use and look almost new but we're talking mud and not oil, the machine will help but only so much.


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After a soaking with petrol I'd definitely be turfing them to buy new ones - The $50/100/200/whatever (depending on brand, type & number of straps of course) is not worth the risk of a strap giving way when under load.


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Wouldn't touch a climbing rope which had contact with solvents. Can't see I would feel any different about recovery straps. Bin them I say.